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    Jan 2005

    How do you increase your wrists size.

    What excersices do i do or what foods do i eat? thanks.

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    Brunswick, MD

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    Loren-Paul is offline Warming Up
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    Jul 2005
    i was told by my p.e. teacher ex karate sensei to use dumbells and just twist your wrists backward and forward up and down to create strength in them but i haven't a clue about how to make them bigger

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    I don't think that you can make your wrist any bigger than what they are training - wise. correct me if Im wrong but any excersise that you do will target your forearm not your wrist. I was always told that when you start to gain weight you'll gain it all over so your wrist will look in proportion with the rest of your arm. Also, when doing such a movement it is very easy to injure your wrist so do be carefull.

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    Loren-Paul is offline Warming Up
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    Jul 2005
    yeh your probrably right, but i study iaido which requires alot of wrist strenghth to carry about 4ft of carbon steel etc. but i don't know how i would go about anything like making them larger, but hey do what i do and just wear shirts so people can't see what you consider wrong with yourself ^^

    EDIT: but of course thats the cheats/cowards way out

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    LiveFromNY is offline Does NOT need to Deload !
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    do you mean Larger or Stronger? is it a muscle thing? you can't relly increase your bones there, can you.....

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    RandyRhoads is offline First Set
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    Your wrist size mainly depends on your bone structure, but you can put some meat on them by doing deadlifts with an overhand and underhand grip.

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    wrist size

    Quote Originally Posted by aintFRESH
    What excersices do i do or what foods do i eat? thanks.
    the same problem is with me. Though i have started concentrating on execrcises that develop the forearm, such as rod & rope (with 2.5 to 5 lb weight) I donno whether it helps. I also wanna know if i can increase my hand size (make it bigger not longer) by eating something

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    Oh so you kind of want the big ham-hock hands and tree-trunk forearms? I'd probably advise you to get into a lot of grip type stuff, a lot of maybe sledge-hammer stuff, I don't know...maybe construction/demolition work. My uncle is the quintessential model for the ham-hock hands and trunk arms, but I also know he's done a lot of different jobs in the past. The most logical I would see would be construction.

    Maybe you can start observing some of their movements and mimick the exercises? Like go around cutting pvc pipes for grip (awesome). Or if you wanna waste money, you could just buy one of those grip exercisers that martial arts stores sell.

    Lol, I hope this helped.

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    malkore is offline Deceptimod
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    look into for forearms/grip strength

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