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    Should i do abs everyday


    Just thinking whats seriously so bad about working out your abs everyday. I mean won't you get your desired results a lot faster. Im really thinking of working my abs out everyday. Please give some feddback on what you think. Should i work out my abs everyday

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    If you had taken the time to read the bodybuilding FAQ which is sticky at the top of the bodybuilding forum you'd know that you shouldnt train abs every day.

    Im sure you can workout why if you think about it.
    The same reasons as you cant train your chest everyday. Your muscles need to heal. And if you can train everyday without any pain then your not dooing the exercises right in the 1st place.

    Read the FAQ

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    I was about to say that even if i wanted to i couldn't train my abs everyday.
    If your ab workout isn't affecting you the same anymore then do different moves or add some weights. You might be suprised how making the slightest change of movement can absolutly knock you on your ass.

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    Treat your abs like any other muscle as the above stated. They need to rest time to heal/repair.

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    I disagree with not training everyday. Studies have shown that you CAN work the muscles daily and they will STILL continue to heal and grow. HOWEVER, you cant go with the same ferocity as if you were doing everyother day.

    But as concensus, I'd probably stick to 3 days a week. No need to push yourself unnecessarily. Have patience. You'll get there.

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