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    Question Stomach looks to be bigger after a ab workout

    Hi all.
    Im new to this website and i wanted to ask a question. Do some of you feel like your stomach gets a little bit bigger after a ab workout? not right away but like a day afterwards. I workout my abs every other day. not saturday or sunday. I also do weight training and cardio. I'm 5'10 and 158-163 pounds. varys. Im also male and 16yrs old.
    Thanks for lookin

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    yes, not sure why, but maybe cause abs are growing?

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    your abs are suppose to get bigger. all i no its a good in most cases

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    After a workout, the blood will "pump" muscles up. This is no different for the abdominals. Additionally, your muscles could be fatigued to the point that you can no longer "suck it in" the degree you normally do subconciously.

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