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    How to increase pushups by ALOT

    Right now I'm at 31. I wanna get to 50 as my first short-term goal. So far I have done pushups 3-4 times a week for a month and I didn't improve at all so I must be doing something wrong. I was doing 1 set to failure and then the other 2 sets half of the previous set.

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    Try this,

    When I was working up to benchin 225lbs, at first I only was able to do 1 rep. But now that I'm at 335lbs, I can naturally do more reps of 225 despite not actually lifting in that rep range.

    So, start doing weighted push ups. Get someone to put some weight on you once you get in form and get at it.

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    do a lot

    Do them all through the day. Do as many as you can as you have time to do more and you will eventually be able to do 50 at one time.

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    May be my fav exercise. Do 20 perfect reps all the way down and straight as a board. Without putting your knees down, spread your arms wide and turn your hands so the fingers point out 10 more. Same thing with your fingers pointing in 10 more. Last move your arms and hands far out in front of your body and 10 more. Rest then put your feet on a bench and do 20 more elevated ones. Also try doing them feet elevated, hands on two Bosu Balls and push up and down between them. Invert the Bosu Ball and do stability pushups with your feet on the floor or elevated. Try doing hand stand pushups or ones with your feet on a wall. If you are good at this workout 100 regular ones will be a breeze. Let us know what you think

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    Try this and go for 50 times 2.

    I'm thinking of trying it out for a challenge. I can do 30 consecutive push-ups now which means I would start out in week 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stangelj View Post
    Try this and go for 50 times 2.

    I'm thinking of trying it out for a challenge. I can do 30 consecutive push-ups now which means I would start out in week 3.
    Okay- I'll give this a go since it tells me exactly what to do. I got 31 pushups today so I'm starting on week 3 as well. I'll update my progress in my journal.

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    salt and pepper

    I've been doing this workout for a while and its definitely the best push-ups based workout, especially if you're trying to increase your maximum push-up range. Its called "salt and pepper," it consists of many different forms of push-ups rapidly alternating.
    First- Do 5 clap push-ups
    Second- Do 5 regular push-ups
    Third- Do 5 wide set to triangle push-ups (similar to clap push-ups, to do this exercise you start out doing a wide set push-up but u thrust yourself up as if to do a clap push, and land in the triangle push-up position, lowering yourself to the ground)
    Fourth- Do 5 regular wide set push-ups
    Fifth- Do 5 Regular Triangle Push-ups

    Its a very hard exercise but you aren't meant to finish it, if you can finish the first set doing 5 of each then after resting do another set but instead do 10 of each. Repeat until you can't do anymore. I usually do this exercise at the end of weight lifting or running. It's a great way to finish and definitely leaves you satisfied with your workout.

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    For two weeks, do your push up sets without counting. Listen to music, or something else to distract yourself. Then the following week start counting again. I always found I got a mental block because 50 seemed like a huge number and whenever I got close to it I'd give out.

    I quit counting and I could blow right by 50.

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