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    Push ups > Bench Press & calculator question

    Ok, so my cousin wanted me to post this for him since hes too damn lazy to do it himself

    hes 13 years old, weighs 160lb

    he bet his friend $30 he can bench 125 atleast 1 time

    he doesnt have any weights so he wants to know how many push ups he has to do that is equivalent to 1 rep of 125lbs (that already includes the bar)


    That was my cousins part, My part is, is this calculator accurate

    Bench Press Calculator, Calculate Your 1 REP MAX Bench Press - Muscle & Strength

  2. Google
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    There isn't a calculator for conversion of push ups to bench press. I have students that can 60+ push ups and cannot budge 115. Yet I have students that can only push out 20 or so push ups and can hit 135 for a triple.

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    i can probly do about 40-50 and bench around 70kg

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    when you do a pushup, its equivalent to benching 66.4% of your bodyweight or w.e. weight you're pushing up(in case you use weight vests). so to bench 125 at least once, you'd have to push up about 188.5 lbs

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    The trouble with converting '#of pushups' into '1RM bench' is that one deals more with endurance (in the situation you're describing) while one deals with maximal strength

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