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    VigorFit routine

    I just got the VigorFit, and so far so good. I'm looking to make a good even workout routine for all the major muscles. Could someone help me out here?

    Edit: I'm thinking about doing full upper body one day, and full lower body the next day..and so on.
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    VigorFit Resistance

    I am interested also in the VigorFit and was wondering if the resistance bands truly offer enough resistance. also been reading other reviews and was concerned about the pullies location and interfearing withthe work out. Any feedback wouldbe great.

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    Thank you for the reply! If at all possible could you please give an update after a week or so of useing the Vigorfit with the pros and cons? Your feed back would be a great help in validating that I go with Vigorfit vs Total Trainer. Thank you in advance

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    VigorFit Use vs Total trainer cost

    Doe anyone have actual knowledge of the VigorFit and the use of the bands. I am trying to decide between the Vigorfit and total trainer. The total trainer is a littler cheeper " Total Trainer plus Pilates with 19 LEVELS" on ebay can get with best offer and get for about 349.00 vs Vigorfit 379.00. The main item that I am thinking about is the added resistance of the resistance bands on the Vigorfit. But if the difference is not so great does it make sence to go with Total trainer and save some money

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