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    Question 35-40 lbs. rubber dumbbells


    I am looking for rubber dumbbells around 35-40lbs to work at my apartment.
    I am trying to keep the price less than $50. I saw bowlex dumbbells, but they are
    too expensive. And, I do not need adjustable weights. I found some neoprene
    dumbbells, but they weigh at most 15 lbs. There are aquabells which
    would be perfect, but they weigh at most 16 lbs. The only alternative I see
    is to buy soft grip handles and then buy separate plates. Rubber handles and
    rubber plates I found on the internet are made by different companies.
    I do not think they will fit.

    What would you suggest?


  2. Google
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    Try going to a "play it again" sports store if you have on around you. They sell used sports equipment for very cheap.

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    I think a good rule of thumb for new pieces is about $1 for 1 lb.

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    You sure you want rubber. The less weight the material the BIGGER it has to be. I get annoyed by huge 60 lb dumbells that are like 1 1/2 feet tall makes it hard to work with them.

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    From what I've seen, the rubber db's tend to be more expensive than regular metal ones. Might want to consider this if cost is an issue.

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    I use DB's made of foam, the 40lb ones are the size of cars, man I look tough when I use them.

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    If You Ment Rubber Coated Dumbbells

    These are nice:

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    Thanks a lot for your responses.

    1. My hands are big, so I actually prefer bigger dumbbells. At the gym, I work with 50lbs.
    The biggest 50lbs I saw had round rubber dumbbells, they are like twice the size of all iron
    dumbbells, but they did not bother me.

    2. I do not need all rubber. I need a rubber cover. I am gonna use this at my rental apartment so
    I do not want to damage the carpet, or if I mistakenly drop the dumbbell, I do not want to
    make big noise. My neighbour is very noise sensitive. Maybe I can buy all iron dumbbells
    and put a tape around it. I once put handle bar tape on my bike, but it came out with lots
    of mess.

    3. I went to a few stores during the weekend, as you mentioned dumbbells are around $1/lbs
    and plates are 50c/lbs.

    4. Threaded rubber covered handles are around $8, but I did not like them.
    I also do not like moving pieces, I feel more comfortable with one piece.
    Plates come only in 10lbs and 25lbs. This means that I need to use 4 plates.

    5. I went to two play it again store. One had the rubber hex dumbbell that you posted.
    Chrome handling was not too bad. Oddly, it feels better than the threaded rubber handle.
    However, I do not want to use glove at my apartment. They only had 35lbs. After checking
    a few dumbbells, I decided 45lbs would be best. The only 45lbs rubber hex I found was at
    Sportmart and it was $59.

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    I know sometimes at Sports Authority (and probably at similar stores too) they have sales where you buy 1 dumbbell at regular price and get the 2nd for 1/2 off. Might be worth it to wait for one of those sales if you aren't in a hurry.

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    Thank you for your suggestion. I think Sport Authority and Sportmart are merged.
    I was at Sportmart this weekend. They had an end of season sale, I ended up buying a
    short. But, there was no sale on dumbbells.

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