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    orkneylad is offline Joe Blow
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    Jan 2004

    York 1001 instruction manual


    I recently bought a second hand York 1001 multigym, but it didn't come with an instruction manual or suggested exercise regimes. If anyone knows of an internet link to such a thing, or if you happen to have such a manual and would be so kind as to send me a photocopy of it, I'd be extremely grateful.


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    ozzy is offline Joe Blow
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    Jun 2004

    The link is dead and I am desperate to get build instructions for the york 1001 multigym and also the exercise program... otherwise I've just wasted £100 :-/ Any help or pointers would be very much appreciated!


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    digitalburnout is offline Joe Blow
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    Re: York 1001

    Hi ozzy & orkneylad,

    For instructions you can go to Yorks Website at:

    and follow links to downloads.

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    mermaid is offline Registered User
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    May 2006
    Hi, did you ever get the fitness chart for 1001? I have the same problem, can't get it anywhere.

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    starlitdragstar is offline New Member
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    Apr 2008

    York 1001

    I too have purchased a second hand York 1001 Multi Gym for our son, and would love to be able to purchase the instructions for assembly and use. Anyone who has a copy could earn some money by running some copies off, as there are 4/5 people on this site who need them. Help please!!!

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    walker2k8 is offline In Orientation
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    Dec 2008
    hi people has any1 got the instructions for the york 1001 multigym

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    jemimah is offline In Orientation
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    Dec 2008

    York 2001 exersizes

    I am also looking for the supposed 55 exersizes that can be done on the York 2001 or 2002 home gyms. The link above is dead. I think there might even be a wall chart out there somewhere. Please help!

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    Cambob is offline In Orientation
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    Hey I own the york 2002 multigym which was bought new and I have still got the exercise page guide thing. But it's like an A1 sheet so i guess i will have to take a photo of it for you to see. However I recently had to take the gym apart and now that i have tried putting it back together I have done it all fine except for the plastic bits which go on the bar inbetween the weights to keep it perfectly inbetween the weights when they are being lifted. There are 2 sets of the plastic things. One set goes ontop which I have put on but the other set seems to go at the bottom but they don't fit between the weights so it means they get stuck at the bottom and you have to lift ALL the weights ALL the time. I hope you understand what I meant there and can anyone tell me how the hell you put that bit together?!? Sorry for the essay and i will post a picture of the Exercise page once I get batteries for the camera.

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    n1nja226 is offline In Orientation
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    york 2002

    cambob i wanted to re-build my gym york 2002 multi-gym but i can't find the instruction manual.......could u plz get pictures of the intruction manual.....this will help me alot.... thx

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    Stamford, CT
    LOL...this has to be the best spam thread ever.

    9 different screen names each with 1 post.

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    yes hitting the spam hard

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