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    College Student Grocery List

    So, yea I am finally back and reading the forum, and more motivated than ever to loose weight and get back into better shape for myself.
    I'm only 21 and probably in the worst shape of my life. I work alot, but was wondering about what healthy things and maybe make a grocery list of what I can get that isnt bad for me at the store when I go.

    If you guys can chime in and add some to the list that would be cool and tell me why.

    1.Tuna I love the white chunky kind and has like 14g of protien
    2.Peanut Butter
    3.Wheat Bread
    4.Fat Free Milk

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    I am a student also and my nutritional requirements are no different than a 20 year old "non-student" aiming for the same goals

    I would take a look at the stickies at the top of these forums for some ideas.

    Also add eggs in there, whole wheat pittas can be a great substitute for bread as long as you get the ones that are not made with the dodgy oils etc.

    Also I would add in some cheese to your list, cheddar, ricotta and cottage cheese, but focusing on the cottage more than the other two.

    A mix of nuts are always great to have lying around, peanuts, almonds, etc just keep them in moderation.

    Steel cut oats are great for in the morning and sometimes for a pre workout meal too!

    Whey protein supplement for when you need a quick substitute for a meal and for post workout.

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    Do you really recomend the protien before working out? Sorry if I didnt catch that. Yea cottage cheese is good.

    What about meats?

    Ill check on that pita bread tonight when I got get some stuff.

    What about drinks?

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    I would recommend fish. Tilapia is fantastic. Pasta is also very inexpensive, as well as white rice. Since I've starting becoming conscious of my diet which was about 2 weeks ago now, I've been looking in my grocery stores for the "5 for $20.00" deal in the meat section. You should too, you can find a lot of decent stuff.

    As far as drinks, I usually stick to either water, or that Vitamin water stuff. The Vitamin water is a bit iffy. It's like $1.19 a bottle at my grocery store, so I usually only have 1 a day. Sometimes cranberry apple juice.

    Fruit is also very important. I find bananas to be the most inexpensive. But strawberries always go great with bananas in a shake.

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    Boneless/skinless chicken breasts in club packs (or other large volume packaging). I think I pay 2.59 a pound that way for 5-7 lbs.

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    1.99/lb boneless skinnless chicken breast
    sweet potatoes
    brown rice
    frozen veggies
    fat free milk


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    Quote Originally Posted by prodigymytch View Post
    Pasta is also very inexpensive, as well as white rice.

    If you decide to eat pasta, stick with whole grain. Also, brown rice instead of white rice.

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    What brand Chicken is everyone getting?

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    Uooh Kay
    is chicken breast realy that cheap?.. i pay like 45p per 110g for my c.breast! obviously i dont buy it in 110g chunks, thats just the only way i know exactly hw much i pay per portion cuz i workd it out - am i getting ripped off?.. i get it from a local butchers!.. btw 45p (sterling) is like 90cents (usd) i think..

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    two things to add:

    bulk yogurt
    bulk granola (with or without fruit, etc)

    mix, eat, yay!

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