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    do I eat too much rice?

    I eat rice mon-fri about 2-3 times a day - a cup or 2 each serving

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    Well what are your goals, what are you eating with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theleip View Post
    Well what are your goals, what are you eating with it?
    And what kind of rice is it?

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    my goal is to lose my belly, I eat brown rice plain or with vegetables (brocoli, carrots)

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    Well if you are aiming to lose fat, that seems like carb overkill to the max. 2-3 times a day, 1-2 cups? That means you are having 2-6 cups of rice on those days, which is nuts. Hell, I'm cutting right now, and I only have 2 servings of complex carbs a day. Half a cup of oats for breakfast, and sometimes a piece of bread or a little rice, and that's not even every day...

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    How much is too much? How about 2 cups (one for lunch and one for dinner)? (every other day?) what can I replace instead of rice as a side for lunch or dinner? besides vegetables, I always have vegetables with my meals. Should I just have a tuna salad or chicken salad as a side?

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    I have heard that eating too much rice makes it harder for your body to absord some vitamins, including vitaminC.

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