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    Protein shake + Flax seed?

    has anyone tried this (protein powder[chocolate flavor]+h2o+ground flax)? i'm afraid of trying it and it being awful, and wasting my precious protein and flax..

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    Haven't tried it but it sounds terrible.

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    I don't think it would be awful. Flax seed doesn't have a very strong taste, and the protein has a pretty strong flavor, so try it out and see. It might be okay

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    I was thinking more of the texture. Would the flax blend well?

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    when I dump a couple of sccops of flax into my protein shake it makes me feel like I ate a bowling ball!

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    I actually did that lastnight with my workout partner! We couldnt even taste the flax in it. But there was alot of it left over in the cup after. We use Bobs Red Mill Flax. It is awsome!


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    Yeah, don't be a wuss, try it. I have grinded oats, grinded flax seeds, and whey for breakfast every day and it kicks ass.

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    why dont you get some organic ground flaxseed?

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    I mix flax with my protein shake everyday. but I do mix it with milk. I can't taste anything other than the protein shake.

    Can't use too much flax. that stuff will clean your system out good.

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    I would not add flax seed to the protein shake, I'd use flax seed oil instead. Keep the liqud with the liquid. If you wanna use flax seed meal, here's what I do:

    Just about every morning I have a simple bowl of cereal. It's one small scoop of Grape Nuts with a small scoop of some protein-enriched flakes. I then add some raisins and then a scoop of my own creation:

    Flax seed meal
    Wheat Germ
    Bran fiber
    Lechithin (omega-6)
    Oat bran
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