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    tomdunn420 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2005

    Sexiest woman alive

    Just asking who every1 thinks is the sexiest women on the planet today? Several co-workers, myself included, say Joanna Krupa. Im not sure what playboy paid her to show off her birthday suit this month, but compared to the swimsuits shes worn in the past this is amazingggg.
    Anyone see it yet?


  2. Google
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    marty Guest
    Sexiest woman alive has to be my wife .......m

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    aword4you is offline In Orientation
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    May 2005
    That's a nice answer

    Can chicks answer? I like Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, and Charlize Theron were really pretty. Not really from Playboy, but they're all really pretty!

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    ade0x is offline Warming Up
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    Apr 2005
    Stirling, Scotland, UK.
    Yer maw.

    Naw, I'd say a few contenders would be Christina Milian, Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Byonce Knowles...

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    Sibylle is offline Registered User
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    May 2005
    LOL good question !!!

    I'm a girl and I don't know what to answer except that I find Joaquin Phoenix really handsome !!!
    Oh yes, I really "like" Britney Spears' body, all in shape but I prefered it 3 to 4 years ago when Slave 4 U came out you know, she had an amazing stomach and body (I don't think anorexics like Keira Knigthley and ... are sexy )

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    newf is offline Verge of Overtraining
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    Jun 2005
    Thousands of sexy women but this is who jumped in my mind.

    natalie imbruglia

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    keze is offline In Orientation
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    Mar 2005
    Nice question...

    ...i must agree there are tons of sexy women around the globe but for me without a doubt must be...
    Jessica Alba but Angelina Jolie is verry close..., i'm a girl so now you have 2 girl oppinions

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    rip is offline Third Set
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    Jan 2005
    Brunswick, MD
    Monica Bellucci...

    Hands down!

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    Boomdoggin is offline Warming Up
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    May 2005
    The woman who co-owns my gym is definately up there. Obviously you can't see her, but she's about 5'11", blonde hair, sexy smile and toned like a female body builder (but not beefy). She's a drool and a half.

    But if I had to pick someone everybody knows, I'd pick Jessica Alba, in that skintight blue number she wears in Fantastic 4.... some day, I'm going to con a girl into wearing that for me...

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    dmg713 Guest
    besides my self , i would have to say Eva Longoria. Although she's shorter then I like my women.

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    panman79 is offline First Set
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    Jun 2004
    Baton Rouge
    Latiesha Casta, former Victoria Secret model

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    robert13 is offline First Set
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    Sep 2004
    Before she lost all that weignt it was lindsay lohan. You can see some pics about her that will make you blow right out of your pants but now she look's like an old women.

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    ballast is offline Second Set
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    Jan 2005
    I'm probably going to get slammed here, but I'd have to go with Jessica Simpson.Although Beyonce would be an extremely close second.

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    lepper_messiah is offline Warming Up
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    Mar 2005
    Jessica Simpson or Angelina Jolie. *drools*

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    CrowTR is offline First Set
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    Nov 2004
    Jessica alba, knightly, and jolie, and Ive always thought Scarlett Johansson was hot.

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