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    30 miles bike ride advice needed

    Hi there I have registered to do a 30 mile bike ride for the british heart foundation in a couple of weeks.

    Just wanted to ask for any advice like things I need to take with me that I might need, pase myself for x ammount of miles etc


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    umm it depends a lot on how and what you are doing at the moment, more info needed but just riding for 2+ hours every weekend will help (ill give you more stuff when I get the info)

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    Yes, you need to pace yourself. Bring a spare tube and a CO2 inflator. If you have been riding, 30 miles is not far, if you have not been riding, that is a long way.

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    30 miles isn't too bad, unless there is a lot of uphill. As far as pacing it depends on how often you ride and what level you're at.

    A few things I have with me on long rides:

    1. Cell Phone

    2. Spare tube and CO2 inflator

    3. Multi-tool

    4. Hydration (I use a camelbak)

    5. Gloves and Sunglasses (depending on weather conditions)

    6. Brave Soldier Crash Pak (first aid for treating road rash, scrapes, etc... just in case)

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