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    Aug 2005

    More Define Jawline?

    Hi, any tips on how to acquire a more define or even broader jawline..?

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    May 2005
    Usually when you lose weight you'll see a difference in your jaw line with the 1st couple of pounds you lose.. usually. Genetics really, other than that I'm sure there are some sort of jaw exercises. How effect they are I don't know.

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    I've been doing things to get my jawline more defined for years. Other then chewing high resistance things like jerky or Triscut snack crackers, I wouldn't know...LOL...but other than that, getting braces seemed to buff my jaw up. As always you would be able to see your jaw better if you had less fat in your cheeks, I have quite a bit. I also punch myself in the jaw from time to time, just to let it know who's boss.

    And yes, I do really do these things.

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    Genetics has a big role here. I know people who have gained weight(fat) but still manage to have the lean mean jaw.

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    bradpig369 is offline Warming Up
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    Any examples of exercises that would make the jaw bigger, stronger or moe defined?
    Does chewing gum really help?

    Thanks for the replies anyways..

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    LeiYunFat is offline We are all one
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    Santa Maria, CA
    Yeah, you know those like Double Bubble or Super bubble chewing gums? The kiddie ones usually offer the most resistance, especially if it's a particularly old peice. The kiddie ones are usually pretty basic...just like rubber and sugar, and they are big, instead of little peices of say Trident.

    But be careful the kiddie gums give you cavities and make your breath smell like ****.

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    dropping wieght definitely shows the jawline more in most people - it's one of the 1st palces most notice they're losing weight when dieting and exercising. cut your calories and more cardio would be my suggestion.

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