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    Running 4 miles a day, good or bad?

    My goal is to run 4 miles a day on the treadmill, It takes me 10 minutes per mile so I run 2 miles in the morning and 2 miles in the evening. I feel better than I've ever felt before. I'm not very experienced when it come to working out I just push myself to do what I can so my question is if I continue doing this will I have good results or should I be doing something different?


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    Yeah I had experienced. Normally I had run on early morning about a half hour time will took to completed. I just concentrate on my respiration constant while running. So, its provide feel better, my mind and body became relaxed.

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    It depends on what results you want... Are you trying to lose weight, increase your run distance...?

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    It also depends on the intensity of the workout for you. Distance and speed doesn't matter. If it's an extremely intense and tiring run, then you may want to take one or two days a week off to rest, or at least only go light running every other day.

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    Remember to stretch well before work on treadmill as they are notorious for causing shin splints

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    As the Others said, it depends on what Your Goal is

    The most important thing is what you said yourself, that You feel Great, and so continue doing so

    If you Run as You do, you'll definitely lose weight, get fit, gain stamina and endurance, Tone up your leg muscles.

    Only thing you don't really get is Muscle growth, except for the legs a little.

    Running will always be one of the Most complete and best activites ever in my opinion, so Good luck and keep going, always drink plenty of water to replenish the lost fluids and salts!

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    Running is cardio, and is burning calories and building stamina, and is therefore healthy.

    Unless you're causing injury, RUN, BABY, RUN!

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    Ditch the two-a-days unless your primary goal is fat loss
    You will really start to build endurance at the 25 minute mark. A 3 miler once per day will build your endurance faster than two short runs. Stretch AFTER you exercise NOT before. You want your muscles warm and pliable. Find a good stretching routine online, do it religiously, and hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds; 60 is preferable. You should also incorporate at least one rest day per week, two is better. Not having enough recovery time will hurt your gains, negatively impact your workouts, and increase your chances of injury. Your biggest risk when just starting out is tendon/ligament injury. Your cardiovascular strength increases way faster than tendon/ligament strength and too-much-too-soon injuries sideline countless new runners. Bight the bullet and pay the $100 to get some new kicks that are fitted for you at a local running store. The wrong shoes WILL result in injury. I would Google "Couch to 5k" programs, start at the point where you are and follow the schedule. They work. Patience, persistence, and wisdom are the key to becoming a runner.

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    Running 4 miles a day is not an easy thing, most of us will think of it as a very tiring activity. May I know what is your goal? Are you trying to increase your mileage and stamina? It all depends on your reason, but for me, it is a good activity.

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    ^True, it's not easy, and if you really do it everyday, your goal can't be bodybuilding IMO, as you'd be taking energy away for weights. You'd become a great runner though and gain some stamina.

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    I think this is absolutely fine. There is no wrong in your technique. I used to run more than that but only one time a day. As i do not like to involved in any heavy exercise to built my body. I think this is perfect for me. If you do not have this type of plan then you should continue your current routine. As a normal human being that would be perfect for us.

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