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    Running on an empty stomach

    I try to run everyday for 40min. Do you burn more fat running on an empty stomach? Is there really a big difference?

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    i always exercise "empty" - a friend said she drinks a sugar free energy drink and that it helps a lot.

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    I had done a nice response to this and just want to sum up by saying-

    I have no idea.


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    Your going to get a lot of replies from people with different opinions.
    There are dozens of studies that contradict each other

    Important thing is to realize if it works for YOU. If you feel like its making a difference, go for it. But if you feel tired and you can't run as long, then eat something.

    Personally, I only do fasted-cardio in the morning i wake up if the night before i carbed up.

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    yeah yeah that's it! what Phate said

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phia View Post
    I try to run everyday for 40min. Do you burn more fat running on an empty stomach? Is there really a big difference?
    There's a saying: "Fat burns in the fire of carbohydrates"

    I believe this is more related to your glycogen stores but if you're starving your body you may see a negative result.

    I personally will eat a small amount before I exercise in order to not start off on empty.

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    Version2.0 is offline Warming Up
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    i tend to agree w/ the posters above, your body and it's response to the workout will vary; however, i need to have something in my stomach before i run(banana or some other forum of simple carbohydrates)

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    Yes, this topic has been heavily debated with persons for it and against it.

    Like I said many times before, reference the "fat burning zone" or the potential of fat (or other fuel) being burned during cardio, will depend "primarily" on the "total circumference' of ones diet on whether it brings optimal benefit or suboptimal benefits.

    For example, timing isnt going to matter much, IF one eats well over their maintenance needs. Fat is going to eventually accumulate regardless of when cardio is completed.

    My opinion is to JUST DO IT.

    Keep your diet on the UP and UP after completion, so the total circumference of your diet/fitness routine is encircled with proper direction.

    The most important thing is the diet, and next thing is to JUST DO IT, and not "fret" over "these types" of things.

    One can have far too many OTHER things to concern themselves with that can be severely detrimental to personal motivation than worrying when is the best time to do cardio.

    The best time to do cardio is: Just do it.

    Sometimes one has to be a "hard @ass" on oneself to bring results. No one ever said this was going to be easy.

    That box of tissue doesnt WORK. You must be the diet CLERK

    So bring your goal PERK by going BESERK

    Be a self @SS today!

    It WORKS.

    Last edited by Chillen; Jun. 15/08 at 08:51 PM.

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    One things for certain, eating something that will induce an insulin reponse will inhibit fat loss. i.e protein bars, soft drinks etc

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    buzz is offline Verge of Overtraining
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    if your on a defecit training pre fed or not you will lose weight
    if your on a surplus training pre fed or not you will gain weight
    why not train pre fed burn more cals and have the energy to enjoy it.

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    I can't think of any advantages to skipping food before running and lots of disadvantages.

    I always eat 1 - 2 hours before a hard workout.

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    if i remember right, this debate is focused on the time of the exercise and exactly the amount of cals burned during. whats not debated is the end result.. meaning what you get at the end of a week. and that result is exactly the same, so with this in mind as mentioned there is in fact no benifit running on a empty stomach.

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    Best way to lose fat? run in the morning when you wake up without eating.

    Other than that i'm not a fun of exercising on an empty stomach. Of course, eat beforehand, but make sure you eat at least an hour before your actuall run.

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    You should avoid eating before your morning run, unless your run is going to take place at least 1 hour after that. A lot depends on how many hours you sleep and if your energy stores in your muscles and liver are up to par. " Fasting state" is a very misleading statement. Avoid running every day, go for 3 - 1 days instead to minimise injury risks. Always have a 5 minute walk, and a 5 min slow jog before you actually "go for it". You are not flexible in the morning, your body, especially your joints, will need some time to adjust. Always remember, the state of your energy stores depend on your nutrition. If the quality of your calorie intake is good enough you will never experience any problems in the morning.

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    Before one of my 5Ks I had an 8 ounce sirloin, 10 oz sweet potato and 2 cups of broccoli. I felt like a million bucks

    I avoid anything that requires my not eating beforehand

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