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    Running in place versus Running outside?

    Can I replace 10minutes of real running outside with 15 of fake running in place in my house? I just got back from a run and it is like 98 degrees outside at 830 and i damn near passed out after like 4minutes. Just checked and it should be like that all week here, so can i just run in place for longer in front of my AC at home :P ?

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    It's probably not gonna be as effective, but better than nothing. You could run up and down stairs if you've got 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karky View Post
    It's probably not gonna be as effective, but better than nothing. You could run up and down stairs if you've got 'em.
    If i have no stairs is there a similar cardio intensive exercise i can do in my room? I also have no ceiling height for jumping rope (learned that the hard the way via one broken lamp)

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    I'd just try running a little farther outside every day (and drink plenty of water before and after, along with a grapefruit and banana after, much better for you than 'sports' drinks). You will eventually get acclimated to the heat. The human body evolved to run long distances in the heat. Some African tribes still hunt by chasing prey for 4+ hours in the tropical heat until the prey just lays down and lets them kill it.

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    running outside for sure!!! (:

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    yeah definately, your body will adjust, I have been running again for about 3 weeks and I can run at noon the hottest part of the day. At first I had to run around 4 p.m. when it was cooler but I just started pushing my body farther and farther. Like the other post, just make sure you drink alot of water through out the day before and after running. I have started to drink water and only water every day and it helps alot with the heat while running because I stay hydrated through out my 2 to 3 miles I run a day. So I think you should just start off gradually or running later on in the evening because running outside is alot more enjoyable and alot easy to keep up than running on a treding mill. They get boring I've found and it is alot harder to go longer distances because you get bored alot easier.

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    I feel your pain, running in the heat of this past summer was brutal. Stick with it and go out early or late in the day, slow your pace a little and if you have to walk a little to cool down, that's ok too. I'm so happy that cooler weather is around the corner.

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