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    100% Whey Protien Questions

    Alright i just got myself a tub of 100% Whey Protien and was wondering when the best time(s) would be to take it. I usually wake up and start working out within the same house, sometimes on an empty stomach or sometimes i have a penut butter sandwich or cerial. I was wondering if it would be more bennifical to drink the shake on an empty stomach and work out shortly after or should i stick with my pb sandwiches and cerial and save it the shake for post workout? When would be another good time to take a second shake if a second shake is needed/good idea lol? Thanks for the help.

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    how much it cost you man?

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    15 canadian

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    Stick with the peanut butter sandwich or cereal in the morning, you might also want to get some protein in there before working out as well (eggs). Save that shake for after workout, you'll get better results bro.

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    I'd take the second shake after working out if its got a good deal of protein and carbs. If it doesnt, just have yourself that, and another pb&j sandwich

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    my whey mix only contains 21g of protien/ 31g serving should i double up the scoops or what?

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    it just all depends on how many grams of protein you need to make your protein requirements for the day are. Whey is just to help you reach those requirements. Take as much as you need to reach your 1-1.5g per lb of weight. just try not to get more than half of your protein intake from shakes alone

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