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    Vinegar Before Meals

    Hi again!

    I've recently read in multiple places that drinking 2 tbsp. of vinegar before each meal somehow helps the body digest foods easier. Which also aides in weight loss. I know you folks know a lot more about this sort of thing than I do. Is there any merit to it? And if so, would it still have about the same effect if I only drank 2 tbsp. per day? I tried to drink 2 tbsp. before each meal and simply cannot stomach it.

    Also please keep in mind that I'm still staying within my calorie deficit and exercise routine.

    Oh, and I just started actually losing weight! I've lost 3 pounds so far. Well, from what I know. I didn't have scales when I first started this, so wasn't exactly sure of my weight. So, in 13 days I've lost 3 pounds. I know that might not seem like a lot to most of you, but I'm utterly thrilled!

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    I agree. This one is new to me, but it amazes me what people are willing to do to lose weight. And that's if it actually does anything, which I don't know (doubt).

    Just stick to your guns; eat right, in a deficit, lift weights regularly, do as much running/biking/HIIT as you like, and be patient.

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    O yuck!! I just went and tried a sip out of curiosity-- and that is flat nasty.

    I am going to stick with my staple advice for losing and keeping weight off.


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    Yeah, it is pretty bad. I forced myself for about two days before I stopped. Talk about heart burn. I also tried to mix it with honey and other things. Doesn't do any good though.

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    I was surprised by this. I never heard of vinegar. I heard of using laxative, but never vinegar. I guess whoever came up with that idea figured you'd either vomit out the food, or have explosive diarrhea. In either case, it's not a wise idea to be doing this nor is it healthy.

    If you want to feel full, or perhaps move food quickly through your system, you should try to increase your fiber intake by eating plenty of veggies and other fiber rich food. In any case, you should be eating plenty of veggie through the day.

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    Sounds like Snake Oil to me...

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    yes i have read it i n a detox book..but it was apple cider ..some apple vinegar as far as i remember.

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    If you're talking about straight distilled vinegar, then of course it's going to taste nasty. If you really want to do the vinegar thing, which I personally think is pretty ineffective, use something palatable like rice vinegar.

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