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    all muscle groups in same workout?

    I found the following workout plan:
    With this workout plan it is training all muscle groups in one workout, twice a week, instead of allocating different days to different muscle groups like most plans that I've seen seem to do. Also, because all groups are being worked in the same workout, the number of exercises for each group are significantly reduced.
    Basically, which is the better way to do it?

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    sorry to be posting again, but could somebody please give me some advice on this? This thread seems to be getting ignored.

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    I may be wrong, but i think it mainly depends on how often you can/want to get to the gym. In effect all on one day, twice a week, or a 3 day split are both giving the muscles the same work and the same rest each. However, i imagine that a split workout's more effective because, as you said, you can do more exercises per muscle and the workout and rest is more concentrated on particular muscles rather than the whole body. Don't take my word for it though, i'm in no way an expert.

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    If you were to do these exercises quickly and kept your heart rate up in doing so, it would make for great circuit training.

    Circuit training is an aerobic resistance workout wherein you switch from one exercise to another fairly rapidly, and doing them quickly enough to maintain a high heart rate. Note that it specifies "with no rest between exercises" - so this is what I'm lead to believe they're trying to do.

    This is a great overall fitness workout, but it's not great for serious strength building or serious muscle growth -- not too bad for weight loss though.

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    you may, if at all, see gains for a bit. but like fil said, with no rest in betwen each set you will get some good weight loss. but split routines are better for growth cause you can hit your different muscle groups harder, like bhind said id go with split routine.

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    if you're just begining, full body routines are great, then work into a upper/lower split, and then maybe even a push/pull/lower split

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    1 body part per day comes from the routines of dedicated body builders. By dedicated body builders I am not referring to the average guy who lifts. To really maximize your workouts, build muscle as well as maintain it a full body workout is ideal. You need to worry about volume.

    Look at it this way; say a typical chest day involves Bench, Incline Bench, Pec Dec, Dips and Dumb Bell Flat Bench. Take those 6 exercises and spread them out over three workouts. Your pecs will still get the same amount of exercises, but will be challenged a on a greater number of days per week.

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    Not to mention that the strongmen...the real strongmen of the early 1900 and late 1800s like Arthur Saxon did full body compound workouts with high to mid sets, low reps, and heavy weight...coincidence? I think not.

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