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    Best Kind of Workout/Training to Get a Cut and Lean Look

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd like some general advice on what kind of training I should pursue if I want to get closer to something like a Bruce Lee physique (lean, cut, not big muscles) vs someone like a Matt Hughes (UFC).

    I've heard more repetitions at lower weights will allow me to get lean vs building bulk. Should weight training be a relatively small part of my fitness program? Should I focus on running, swimming, biking, other cardio type of workouts? I do not have very defined muscles to begin with.

    The last 6 years my activity levels have dropped down due to work and university and I'd like to get fit before it catches up to me. I am a training noob as I have always preferred to play sports or other activities vs training or gym time. So even simple tips that may seem obvious would be of help to me.

    Thank you for any advice you have.

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    So you want low muscle but to just look very lean/slim? If thats the case dont weight train at all and just eat lower calories..

    If you mean you want to increase muscle mass still, but stay lean and ripped...Then weight train heavy and eat a slight calorie surplus with high protein and maybe do some cardio..

    Higher reps, lower weight mainly increases endurance.

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    a caloric deficit will only show more of what you have underneath. If you have no muscle then you will show no muscle. You got what you got. If you want to look lean and "cut" like Bruce (whom body weight trained extensively), you need to have bruce underneath.

    Otherwise you will just be skinny and frail not to mention the suffering for nothing element.

    post pics of yourself and then people here can help you.


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    Id say you need to weight train no matter if you want to get big or stay slender and cut. If you dont want to gain a lot of muscle just watch your calorie intake. Lifting weights will make your muscles burn more calories at rest. You also want to do HIIT. High intensity interval training in the morning on an empty stomach and dont eat for an hour after the traing is over. I would do HIIT for 20 minutes in the morning 3 days a week and train with weights 3 days a week alternating between the two and have one day of rest. You also need a very clean diet. This has been working for me to get cut. When I try to put on more muscle I do less cardio and eat more but keep the weight heavy. Good luck!

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    I wanted to point out too that cardio alone will not get you cut. Look at marathon runners. They are skinny but not usually cut. They still have flab and are not tight. But when you look at sprinters they are cut. Their training is a short duration with high intensity and they usually also train with weights. They key here is high intensity.

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    i would suggest swimming. The excersise that you get swimming tones your body but lengthens your muscles instead of bulking them up. I have been a swimmer all my life and althoug I am female... I have been around a lot of long lean males!

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    Diet and cardio are going to be key to achieving such a look, but you should still weight train. I recommend gearing your workouts towards training for muscular endurance, which will provide you with an large increase in aerobic capacity with modest increases in strength without the increase in size.

    A pretty basic routine for training for muscular endurance will usually involve lifting light to moderate weight (40-65% of 1RM) for a larger number of reps (15-25) over 3-4 sets. If you don't have a 1RM to go off of, start at a weight in which you are struggling to complete your last full set, and increase the resistance once you are able to complete 3 or 4 full sets at a given weight.

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    Well I am def not looking to go on some sort of calorie depraved science experiment. I don't want to be 'Bruce Lee' so to speak, just more on that side of the spectrum than a bulkier person.

    I do need more muscle definition so I think I will need at least some weight training. I'm about 175 lbs and 6"2. Fairly slim already, just have been neglecting myself.

    My diet is fairly healthy, not much junk food at all, the only think that sticks out in my mind is coffee/lattes.

    Thank you for the suggestions, I will take them into consideration.

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