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    how many miles a week should run to lose weight?

    I'm 175 lbs. 5'10, 23 yrs old from what I've heard my weight is average, but I have a belly. So far I've started running 2 miles a week, I'm guessing I'd have to increase this because the tredmill says I'm only burning 100 calories a mile. I'm also wanting to work on my abs and to do that, I'd have to lower my weight.

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    First off, don't really listen to the treadmill because it cannot tell you what extactly you are burning. They just take your weight, age, and speed and it calculates a rough estimate.

    Think for a second... Who will burn more calories, someone running at @ 2 mph or @ 6 mph? You don't necessarly need to run more miles, you could run faster and save yourself sometime. Try keeping your heart rate at about 70-80% of your maximum heart rate.

    If you want to try something different, you could do interval training, which most newer treadmills have. Interval training has been showen to help people with their weight. With treadmills there will be variation.... One type will speed up or the other type will incline more... but the idea is that you would jog for 1 min and then sprint for 30 sec... (each machine is different)

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    how many days a week do you think I should get on the tredmill?

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    at least 3 to see decent results. Also, to simulate outdoor running, you should put the treadmill at a 1% incline.

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    I run and run and run

    I've been running for two years now... i am 5'6'' 165lbs.. started running two years ago combined with weight training... i use to run for 20mins at speed of 6.0 ... incline of 2.5.. after 20mins.. it was around 2 to 2.5 miles... then i would go workout on weights... did that for a year.. lost about 3lbs... 2nd year... i ran every other day... because my knees started to ache... but i started to run at 30mins... with the setting on weight lost.. it goes with peaks .. sometimes instead of treadmill i would do the stair climber... with variable and aerobic mode... i did notice more improvement in losing fat.. now i am at 165lb... but still got a gut.. .. and alot of skin.. i can pinch an inch of skin everywhere... how can I lose it?

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    i also thin 5.11 165 i have a small belly how can i lose my belly without losing weight all over im top thin to lose it anywere else

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    talk about old exactly are 5 yr old posts like this found exactly? haha

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    Well if you want to work on your six pack, your going to have to loose fat not just weight, fat. It takes time, patience and consistency.
    If you don't want to be on the treadmill that long but want to burn as much fat as possible look up HITT
    You would also have to go on a calorie deficit of about 500 cals a day.

    Also continue lifting weights and eat right to minimize muscle loss.

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    I have a question. I am new to this i just signed up while ago. I am a petite person at 5'6 but i weigh 150 pounds. Most of my weight is due to beer. I am wanting to get a treadmill around christmas and start exercising. I am wanting to know how many miles i should run on it everyday to lose weight without over doing it on my health.

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    Although the amount of miles you cover is important the way you feel will also have a baring on your developement. An amazon MP3 download entittled "sky rocketing your gym motivation and focus" will keep you focused and feeling energised when you really want to burn the calories. Listen once a day for two weeks and notice the difference.

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