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    how often to max out?

    what's up guys. Just wondering how often you should try to max out on bench press and squats. I know maxing can be dangerous (particularly without a spotter), so what is a good time table to see how your gains may have improved? I am thinking once every 3 weeks would be about right. Any thoughts?

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    Well considering after maxing out your going to want 4-7days rest after, and if you really want to lift your max then you'll want a good weeks rest before to make sure your muscles are 100% healed from your last workout.

    So really your looking at once every 3-6 months. Ive not maxed out for almost a year because it doesn't interest me.

    I calculate and record my strength gains with my 5 and 10 rep max.

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    Maxing out is only for bragging rights, but true weight lifters dont care. So then who are you really bragging to?

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    haha I guess you're right. the last time I maxed, I put up 200 but haven't been able to break that mark for a while. I guess when it comes down it, it really doesn't matter. I don't want to become one of those obnoxious guys who sits there and brags about how much they can bench (although I just did). 200 lbs. isn't really much to brag about anyway.

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    There is no reason to max out unless you are on a serious strength training routine. Even then it would be questionable. If hypertrophy is your goal, stay in the 8-12 rep range and you'll be fine.

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    agreed, it really depends on why you're lifting.
    i'm not a power lifter, so I don't care about 1RM at this time.

    there are formulas out there that'll take your 5 or 10 rep max and calculate your 1RM, so you can always track it that way, and then a few times a year, actually take a day to do 1 rep lifts and see if you meet or exceed the estimates.


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