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    Muscles that can be trained daily

    So various people here have said that certain muscles can be worked safely and effectively every day because they repair quicker than other muscles. I've heard this about the whole core area (including lower back) and forearms.

    I'm curious about how true this is, so can anyone confirm or deny it?

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    almost everyone i know does abs every day in the gym

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    Yeah, I see those guys too, but not necessarily an indication that it's a good idea..

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    Small muscles tend to recover quicker. Forearm/grip, neck, and calves come to mind. I also think the core is good to train often. Just because a strong core/lower back tends to equate to a strong person.

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    it depends on how hard you train those muscles (volume, intensity, tonnage)

    i say train with either high volume or high intensity several times a week(3-4).

    but i would agree grip can be trained more often

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