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    is it OK to do the same consecutive workout?

    I want to add some muscle while also working on my pull-up and push-up performance.

    Would it be OK to do this workout every time with some modification?

    Dead lift (Squat)
    Bench Press
    Chin-up (Pull-up) *Both with negative reps*
    Upright Row (Bent-Over Row)
    Push-ups (Chair Dips (I don't have anything else to do dips on))
    Ab work

    So, like on Monday I would start with the Dead lift because I can't do dead lifts and pull-ups on the same day on account that my grip is really bad, bench press, chin-up, upright row, etc.

    Then on Wednesday start with the squat, bench press, pull-up, bent-over rows, etc.

    Or am I missing something here?
    I want to look good and everything, but I want to go into the military, so push-ups and pull-ups are a must.

    I think I need a change because I just saw that I've only added about 3 cm to my chest in the last 2 months. 1 cm to my arms, and about 2 cm to my forearms...which I don't think is very much at all.

    I haven't been doing progressive overload or whatever also. I've been sticking to one weight for that exercise (ie: bench press set at 160 and pumping 13, 8, 5 reps) So I'm going to try changing my weight after each set.
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    You can always work push ups and pull ups independently of your workouts. Pavel has the GTG (grease the groove) method.'sLadders.htm

    From what I can understand from your post, you're basically going to be doing the same workout; however, you'll be interchanging squats with deadlifts and chins with pull ups. I don't see a problem with that at all. Now if you choose to do the GTG method for pull ups and push ups, then that would knock the problem of combining chins and deadlifts and what not in teh same workout.

    I do think interchanging deadlifts with squats is still a good idea. Even perhaps
    F-unilateral leg movement

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    Alright I thought that would be OK, but ya never know

    Oh and when I'm doing pull-ups/chin-ups about what rest period should I be at? I was at 180 seconds, but I decreased it to 160. I can't muster more than 2 reps on my second set if I only rest 90 seconds. Plus my grip starts to fail me (especially with negatives).

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    So why are you emphasizing the negatives? Get a general strength for chins/pull ups first. If you've cut your RI down to 160 secs, then look for 150 secs the next week and decrease it slightly every week.

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    Alright thanks. I wasn't sure because it seemed like an awful long resting time.

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