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    Plan for 11 year old

    My younger brother wants to lift weights is is going to take an hour class at the ymca so that he can use the weight room. My question is what type of workouts should he be doing? Is he too young for lifting weights? Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Hahaha, I bet you anything this "11 year old" is you

    Well, my advice is dont lift too heavy, just giver on the endurance lifting

    I think your too young to lift weights, but thats my opinion

    Wait until you at least start the first stages of puberty, around 12-13, maybe 14

    Or, if your a early bloomer and have already started puberty, then giver

    But honestly, 11 is the youngest person I've heard attempting to lift weights

    I wish I was like you when I was 11, instead of getting my life early into drugs

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    When i was 11-12 yrs old I didnt lift weights but I did do a abb workout and i have to say....

    Been a few years and I still got them.. Even though I don't work them out half as much as i should.

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    Stick to the big exercises, work on form a lot, and lift in higher ranges like 8-15 reps for three or four sets.

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    You are never too young to do resistance exercise. The basic compound exercises (squat, deadlift, clean, bench press, bent row, pullups, presses) 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps is no problem. The only dangerous thing is to try to attempt 1 rep maximums, at any age, but especially when your bones are still growing.

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    he's 11. just try to get good eating and general health habits into his routine and keep him healthy. eat well and plenty. resistance training should be very controlled and minimal, injury is a big concern and he's at an age where it could be life-determining.

    there are many many growth issues; some will say its fine its up to him/you whether its worth the risk. surely no 11 year old needs to pump weights, just play sports and enjoy being active. if you have to get him started speak to a professional (including doctors) and dont just take the word of posters as bible. except for my well reasoned post, of course.

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    I wouldn't suggest weight training personally until you've got a good year of puberty under your belt...

    Has your little bro ever just thought about doing body weight exercises??? Pushups, pullups, chinups, one legged squats, situps...etc...keep higher rep ranges.

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    Karky is offline Former member of VulgarityGang
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    had to quit when he became a mod
    why not lift when you are young? I always hear "dont lift until you hit puberty" but why? alright, the muscles arent fully develouped so you wont get as good gains as an 18 year old, so what? Will it hinder you're growth? doubt it..

    KIDS and WEIGHTLIFTING - JP Fitness Forums

    a good thread about it, heres a little quote a smart man in that thread said

    - No machines whatsoever. Interrupts natural mobility/stability interplay and fixes force production into a pre-set pattern which detracts from a youngster’s ability to enhance motor skill (critical in pre-adolescence). Machines are only built for isolative sagittal strength production anyway and we live in a multi-planar world of integrative function.

    - Bodyweight exercises are fine as are externally loaded strength training exercises. There is no such reality that children need to be able to perform certain numbers of bodyweight only exercises before they can move onto weight loaded work (and 40 of anything is far too many to use as a gage - technique development through skill sets is the key, and at 40 repetitions, technique would be compromised)

    - The 'limited sets to high reps' notion of youth strength training is ‘horse pucky’. The indelible factor is teaching technique - someone needs to instruct your son on how to perform lifts well and them have him execute them in a limited fashion so as to develop quality motor awareness, summation of forces (etc). 6 - 8 sets of 3 - 5 reps with a stimulating movement game in between each set is the best way I have ever seen to develop quality technical/motor awareness.

    - Don't underestimate the value of game playing when developing strength. The essence of developing quality strength with pre-adolescents come in the following ways:

    > Run
    > Jump
    > Skip
    > Throw
    > Climb
    > Technique development

    Have fun creating obstacle courses (for instances) using the list from above.

    I encourage youngsters and there parents to strength training (even in the gym) by the learning the technical relevance of various lifts. The key however is technical development, and that should not be taken lightly or left in the hands of an unsure trainer.

    If you would like some specific examples of programming ideas, please let me know and I would be happy to post them here.



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    hoosiers15 is offline Warming Up
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    no, im not the 11 year old you can look at my other posts, im 16. Thanks for the advice.

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    Moonbeam3 is offline Fourth Set
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    You don't have to explain yourself hoosier..some people just talk out of their a$$. You had a question and you got some answers

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    North Vancouver, British Columbia
    I was in gymnastics when I was young (10-12), where we did lots of body resistance type of training (Chin ups, lots of ab work...LOTS of stretching).

    That was the best thing I ever did.

    Not to mention there were cute girls all over the place, the handsprings and flips you learn impressed people all throughout school.

    I'm in my mid twenties and I still am able to do lots of the stuff I used too.

    Not to mention I had a 6 pack from 12-18 (then I got a little lazy

    Just a recommendation.

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    LeiYunFat is offline We are all one
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    Santa Maria, CA
    See! That's what I am saying! How awesome are gymnastics, right? You go in as a kid and come out as a pimp -- and you stay that way 4 lyfe yo.

    Why don't parents make their kids to that more often? Is it dem tights? Cause I'd wear tights if it let me do all kinds of crazy/awesome girl-getting things.

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    hoosiers15 is offline Warming Up
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    thanks for the support. I'm going to tell my brother about all the options he has.

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