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    Question about not working out the same muscle group on consecutive days

    i know you're not supposed to work out the same muscle group on consecutive days to allow recovery since that's where your muscles actually build. my question is, does this also apply to crunches / sit-ups ? the reason i'm asking is that i have difficulty sleeping at night and so i heard somebody say to just do crunches / sit-ups while you're laying in bed until you're tired and you'll fall asleep.

    so i was wondering if i do that, then i would be doing that every night. so does the same rule about not working out the same muscle group on consecutive days apply to crunches/sit-ups as well?

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    That's fine to do. The 24-hour recovery rule more or less only applies to when you've worked out the muscles to a very large extent. Crunches before going to sleep likely aren't putting very much strain or damage to the muscles, so there won't be any problems with recovery.

    That being said, I honestly can't see crunches as a very effective means of getting to sleep. Sure, you can try to fatigue your muscles, but working them out is going to increase your blood flow and essentially wake you up even more.

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    thanks for the reply, well i guess that makes sense since i tried it last night and it didn't work lol but, i wasn't sure about the exercising in consecutive days so i didn't do too much since i had done crunches earlier in the day. i might try it again and see if it works just incase, it did make me tired.

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