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    Strength and aerobic training

    A recent study examining the effects of combined strength and low intensity aerobic training showed that strength and aerobic fitness can be improved simultaneously. The study was divided into three groups of subjects: strength training only, combined endurance and strength training, and endurance training only. The strength group performed 8 weight training exercises 3x/week, the combined group performed strength and low intensity aerobic training 3x/week and the endurance group performed low intensity aerobic exercise 3x/week. Results of this study indicated that the strength and combined groups made equal gains in strength and bodyfat loss, while the strength group made a larger increase in aerobic fitness. The endurance training group made improvements in aerobic fitness and no significant improvements in muscular strength. Results from this study show that one should not neglect aerobic training if they are training to increase lean muscle mass and muscular strength. This applies especially to individuals in an off-season training program or those that are training for increased health and overall fitness with know specific sports performance goals. Endurance athletes and aerobics fanatics should also take note of this study and consider adding a weight training program to their aerobic training since their fat loss and aerobic fitness will not be impaired and in fact will most likely be improved. Strength training also help build lean muscle mass which aerobics do not and help prevent injuries. If an athlete is training for a peak in a power and anaerobic sport(football, weightlifting, soccer, etc.), they should taper this low intensity aerobic training prior to preseason training and instead train the energy systems their sport demands. Reference: McCarthy JP; Agre JC; Graf BK; Pozniak MA; Vailas AC Compatibility of adaptive responses with combining strength and endurance training. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 27: 3, 1995 Mar, 429-36

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    I see you are a member of the NSCA too.

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    Actually I'm not, but I do read a lot of their material. I am thinking about joining.

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