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    Ankle weights to jump higher.

    I want to get my legs stronger so I can jump higher. Would ankle weights help me achieve this? If not, how could I improve explosiveness?

    Hi amrclutch1,

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    This question doesn't belong here.

    Ankle weights do not help much. If you want to train explosiveness you should be doing squats, deadlifts, etc. You have to generate a lot of force to train the high threshold motor units (HTMU's) that control explosive movement. Since the equation for force is


    Where m is the mass and a is the acceleration, you train with high force with heavy weights, and/or fast movement. If you have more questions post in the "weight training" or "personal training" section.

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    How about isometric exercises?

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    Isometric exercises train the muscle contraction at a certain point. It's time under tension stuff that doesn't get someone much faster or stronger unless they're at a very basic level of training where just about anything will get them faster or stronger

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    Here is how:

    There are number of things you can do. Some of the best exercises that come to mind are:

    crouch - stand. This one is very basic but effective exercise. What you do is simply get in a standing position, crouch down, and get up with your arms extended if front of you. Do that 50 times to complete a set and about 3 sets a day. Rest about 2 minutes between sets

    jump rope - of course, I can't leave out this one. there is no need to explain jumping rope. I'll just add that you can try to switch legs when jumping. For example jump for 30 seconds with one leg then 30 secs with the other and then immediately go with both legs. And if this is too advanced for you, you can train with your own numbers of reps. Then as you get better gradually increase the numbers.

    stand under the rim and try to touch the net (if you can) with your head. So that means that when you jump, you'll put down your arms and just go up with your head. Then, as soon as you touch the ground jump again. do this, ahemm, 10 times to complete a set and 3 sets a day would be enough.

    there are so many exercises to put here that really work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amrclutch1 View Post
    I want to get my legs stronger so I can jump higher. Would ankle weights help me achieve this? If not, how could I improve explosiveness?
    In order to jump higher:

    1. Leg work (Squats, dls, lunges, leg press) The squat is the most important one not just because it's a great exercise that adds strength and mass to your body, but also the squat movement resembles the jumping movement to some extent.

    2. Plyometrics

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    strapping weights to your ankles will make you jump lower actually, since it will make you heavier meaning it will then take more power to make you jump the same height you could without them..

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    Hill Running

    Start some hill running, or some HIIT on stairs. The explosive power you gain is outstanding, and running uphill forces your body to run correctly (less chance of injury)


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    If you are wanting to jump higher, I found this website which shows you how to gain up to 5 inches in your jump. If you are still looking for way to improve your jump hight then give it a shot: that will take you to the website I found.

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    plyometric training will help a lot:)

    I dont think ankle weights will help you. I tried doing plyometric exercise and it did help a lot on my . will help you strengthen your muscle, bones and tendon legs. slowly by slowly you will see the result that you want.

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    Another good thing to try is drop set training. Which would be in your case, on a leg press or squat. The way to do this is to do a very high weight and do as many reps as you can, and then drop the weight and explode with it as fast as you can. Due to you using he heavier weight the lighter weight will seem easier to lift.
    So say you can 5rm 80 kgs, do 5 reps. Do 2 sets and drop the weight down to 50 or 60 kilos and and 8 really fast and explosive reps.

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    Aloha & HowZit!
    To help with your question is to begin by asking a few questions?
    This will assist in helping you to discover the right/truthful and 'fitting" answers needed.

    - Do you know where the source of your energy/strength/power come from when jumping?
    (It ain't your legs.)

    - Do you understand the "body-structures & the body's mechanics" inside-out when jumping?
    (Improper technique(s) come only from improper or lack of understanding. This can put unwanted stress on
    the internal vital parts of the human-body...your body too. )

    - Do you recognize both the "health"benefit and physical risk when using any type of exercise-equipment?
    ( The first sensible piece of equipment to "practice with" is your physcial body. It will be the function of the
    body that will make this effective and efficient or unhealthy and unproductive.
    Any piece of equipment when it breaks can be replaced but not so with the human-body.)

    - Have you made adequate time to do in-depth research on what it is you are asking?
    ( When making time to educate yourself eliminates the amount of time and the gathering of un-needed information; what is implied, can it be applied so that it will complied. "User-Friendly information.)

    Your answers to the above questions can promote a healthier way in determining what works and how well it feels when doing it - JUMPING!
    Self-Education is no different from comesback to what is we truly know and how well we understand it.

    Whatever the end-result is from all this, I hope that you will be able to share what it is you realized and one day you might help other when inquiring - "How can i jump-higher?"

    Aloha for now...mikey q.

    Hi amrclutch1,

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