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    one side of abs noticeably stronger than other

    If all you need is the question: What's a good excercise to focus on one side of your abs?

    One side (my left) is either weaker and has less muscle mass, or it's because my rib cages aren't symmetrical on either side (though, I think the former). I play drums, and something inherent in how most drumsets are setup is most of your twisting from a normal, seated position, is to your right. ie, your left-most stuff is often just in front and to the left, whereas I (and many drummers) have stuff positioned more to your direct right.

    Hi thebrza,

    take a look here:
    why is one side of my abs bigger than the other

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    I used to have the same problem. Well not really a problem, but I like evenness

    One side of my abs is not at all much, but definitely noticeably bigger than another. The reason for this may be a solution to yours.

    I used to do the crunches where you move your elbows (with hands behind head) towards the opposite side of your hips. And clearly I didn't do them very evenly, so one side of my abs ended up being bigger than the other...

    So I suggest you try that exercise for your weaker side.

    Hi thebrza,

    take a look here:
    why is one side of my abs bigger than the other

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