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    Bulking exercises

    Need help with the bulking exercises, it's the first time I'm actually bulking.
    I made a 4 day split and this are all the exercises that I do in a period of one week:

    Chest- Bench press, Incline bench, Chest Dip
    Legs - leg extension, lying leg curl, squats, leg press, calf raises
    Back - seated row, front pulldown, rear pulldown,
    Biceps - Bicep curl, preacher curl, concentration curl
    Shoulder - machine military press front, machine military press behind back,
    lateral raise.
    Triceps: pushdown, skull crusher, triceps extension

    3 x 8 reps for each exercise.

    I'm not sure if all the exercises are appropriate for bulking, I know that Bench press, squats, leg press and similar exercises are good, but what about the others? I got no idea if my back, biceps and shoulder exercises are appropriate, so I need help.

    Also, is this possible to bulk up the abs, or should I continue doing the regular exercises that I do.

    Any kind of advice is appreciated.

    Hi vojdancov,

    take a look here:
    and in bodybuilding “cutting cycles”

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    the first thing that strikes me is that you have no deadlift for your lower back. This is one of the most important exercises for bulking because of the growth hormones it releases like other compound moves.

    I personally work my abs AS WELL AS all those kinds of exercises, but I'm not sure that you really need to because with all the compound moves, you're covering pretty much every muscle in your body.

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    i think you should include deadlifts like he said but overall thats a very good workout there

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    Include Deadlift and rows and your good to go.

    Hi vojdancov,

    take a look here:
    and in bodybuilding “cutting cycles”

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