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    Help me plan my workout?


    I am having a few doubts about my workout plan. I having been reading up recently and have seen that most people recommend doing compound exercises to get the best gains for your body. But for the last 4 months that i have been working out, i havent really been doing many compound exercises and to be honest i dont know which ones to do and when i should do them. I usually do isolation stuff, and i work out every other day, i do 2 muscle groups everytime i work out ex. biceps/chest, triceps/back etc. I usually have been focused on upper body..i know its bad but i get lazy with lower body stuff lol.

    Anyways can someone please help me maximize my workout plan? Should i work out more muscle groups? More days at the gym? Also what compound exercises should i incorporate into everything?

    Btw im 19, 5'11'', and only 150lbs, but almost no body fat on me.

    Thank you in advance

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    Monday - chest; tricep; back
    Tuesday - Abs
    Wednesday - thighs; calves; Lower Back
    Thursday - Shoulders; Biceps; Forearms;
    Friday - chest; tricep; back
    Saturday -
    Sunday - thighs; calves; lower back

    Most important thing to realize when working out is to develop a plan that works for you. I can tell you all about my plan but at the end of the day progress made is determined by your body.

    Here is a basic program for you, It is your job to take it and learn whats working and whats not. Keep track of your measurements and if your not improving any than come back and I can tweak it for you.

    ** And one thing to know is that depending on the kinds of exercises you do you may not need to work some of your minor muscles at all.

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    To extend on the other posters...

    Don't repeat the same exercise each and every day. learn a variety of exercises per muscle group and each day perform something new.

    Keep your muscles guessing. It will keep them growing and avoid the plateau effect.

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    Thanks for the workout plan Cooper. Ill be sure to start using it next week

    RH- i always try to change out which exercises i do for a body part ever 2-3 weeks. But i just cant seem to gain any more muscle or maybe its just not noticeable to me?

    BTW can anyone explain when i should do compound exercises and which ones to do?

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    Check out your gym and see what machines they have since they may have some to substitute for the back/thigh/calve exercises. ( Do what works for you)

    To get huge mass in your chest work out with a wide grip but do not forget to get your inner chest too. The ratio some people go by is 2:1

    Chest/Tricep : Incline/Decline Bench Press with variations of Wide or Narrow Grip. Wide Grip for outer chest narrow for inner.
    After Bench Press I like to do skull crusher's to bring out the rib cage muscles more and to help finish off my triceps.
    After skull crushers I do bench push ups till failure.

    Abs: Leg Raises

    Back: Chin Ups(until failure or till 50); Bent-Over Rows; Dead lifts

    Thighs: Squats; Lunges; Leg Curls

    Calves: Standing Calf Raise 5 sets o 15 (You will love these)

    Lower Back:
    Straight Leg DeadLift; Good Mornings
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