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    how can i get bulky

    Is it a myth or a fact that a generally skinny guy like myself cant get big and bulky no matter how much i work out???

    if its a myth can u help me make a diet plan and a workout plan ???

    Hi GUnitSolda818,

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    retired_Davester Guest

    dnt worry

    hey man, im 16 n was skinny, till i jus got dedicated n ate, ate n ate. u gota get them calories in, peanut butter n bananas 4 snaks man, red meat, milk, n tonns of water, cheese, eggs (scrambled wiv cheese melted in), whole meal bread, then wen u got that diet goin u gotta pump iron like a bitch man,

    this workd 4 me, if ur not eatin 4 an hout av a banana, or a peanut butter sarni,

    hope this helped, o n free wieghts do it the best, squatts n stuff, go on a workout site 4 that stuff tho, im not the master of technique,


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    thnx alot dis really did help if u can send me sum b4 and after pix id really appreciate it

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    also man if you don't have much of you can't stomach alot of food try taking a weight gainer. I try to strive for a faily low sugar one. If you have a nice blender you can blend up some PB,strawberries(for flavor) and bannanas to help boost your calories even more. it tastes great! and is a great post workout meal replacement.
    some people say that all weight gainer is is sugar and whey protein but you can worry about the sugar later on. I say if your not happy with being skinny weight gainers in conjunction with a good diet program might just be the key for you

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    retired_Davester Guest
    i personnaly dnt use any steds, i wanted 2 do it all natural, bu of corz if it helps u n u dnt mind lyin 2 ppl that u did it wiv solid liftin then its ok 4 u lol, i will take an after pic n send wiv the before, not tuk an after pic i cud see the difference wivou one, ma bro gave this info 2 me coz hes a monster himself so thank him lol, im still not how i wana b, but im gettin there, u will find the more u work out the bigger ur appitite will get n ul b able 2 eat more, keep off fat tho! ul end up a lumpy mess of flab,

    glad i cud b of service

    Hi GUnitSolda818,

    take a look here:
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