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    Question How often can I train?

    I am 24, 11 stone and new to weight lifting. I want to beef out and tone up but am not sure how often I should be training! At the moment I only have sand weights on my bench press and cant fit no more of the things on cos their is no space. I am bench pressing 65kg a 100 times then doing 400 hundred sets of my dunbells standing up, they weigh 9 kg each. I bench 50 times then dunbells 200 times then bench 50 again and another 200 bunbells. At the moment I am doing that 3 days on then 1 day off and so on. I take creatine before a workout and then a protein shake straight after. I have a healthy diet and eat at regular intervals. I have been doin this for about 6 weeks now and am geting good results so far already.

    Is their anyone who can tell me if I am doing anything wrong and am I doing anything that may pose a threat to my health? Am I training to often? I feel ok and am toning up but still am not sure if I am doing things correctly! Can someone please, please give me some useful advice????

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    Uhm, no.

    You need to get into some heavy lifting, 400 whatever is gonna do nothing for you other than bragging rights that you did 400 whatevers. Look into some full-body routines here on the forums, have a good search around, it can teach you a lot.

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    Doing that many reps with such a low weight probably isn't doing much for you other than giving you a bit of a CV workout, you might think you're getting results but you're probably just losing fat.

    If you want to bulk up you should lift as much as you can lift 8-12 times for 3 sets (1-2 minutes rest between sets). Look around the site for more lifts you can do as bench and curls wouldn't get you far, you need to put more focus on legs and back.

    Also, look into your diet, you need a calorie surplus if you're gonna bulk up

    p.s. your muscles need about 48-72 hours rest between workouts, if you want to lift everyday then look into a split routine so you don't hit the same muscles hard 2 days running

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    Damn...200 must be ripped. Watch out for that creatine though, it's a sterooid!

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    65kg bench 100 reps?..

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    mmmmmmmmm bunbells

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    Yeah, look what creat did to Mary Pearce. Right:
    3 x per week full body.
    Drop the sets, up the weight:

    Try maybe 90kg 3x8 if you want size
    Get some squats in there.
    Mix in some deadlifts.
    Biceps and hammers
    Military Press.
    Barbell rows

    All 3x8/. mix n match. Stick with whey.

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    65kg bench for 100 reps....are you sure? all in one set?

    not 65lbs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeiYunFat View Post

    Damn...200 must be ripped. Watch out for that creatine though, it's a sterooid!
    WWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW man that pisses me off. where in the hell did you get that info from? creatine is steroid?

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