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    im skinny, need to gain weight

    I know this question is asked all over the place. but heres my scenerio

    im 17, im about 5'11. i weight 124 lbs and im skinny. i have a fast metabolism but i dont think im taking the "2200" calories a day. I heard people talkinga bout "6 meals a day" but honestly, i dont have that kind of appetite. I wake up every morning at around 9:00, not hungry till about 1:30, but i still dont have much of an appetite, the only reason why i say im "hungry" is because thats when my stomach tells me im hungry. So what can i do? I dont have the "appetite" to have 6 meals per day. Ive read up on Leptin and how it increases your appetite. Is there any way for me to take a supplement to get more of an appetite rather than just gaining weight?

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    someone once posted this


    A thiamine deficiency is often the cause of a loss of appetite. Drink peppermint tea to help increase the appetite.

    Take the herb fennel in capsules to normalize the appetite.

    Any combination of the following will increase the appetite: barberry, garlic, ginseng, goldenseal, hops, horse radish, oatstraw, parsley, and safflower.

    but personally, i've been working with guys wanting to gain weight for years. what we do is slowly add more food and more meals over days and weeks. after some time, their bodys do get accustomed to more food. after even more time, its like their stomachs know its time to eat before they realize it.

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    how skinny are you? are you like skinny to the point of anorexia? some people are so skinny you can see their abdominal muscles, sometimes even a 6 pack - are you that skinny/

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    drink a few muscle milks along with your regular meals, that might help.

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    Ur not hungry cos u dont need the energy.

    If you started training hard it would make you hungry.

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    In addition to the above, which is very true- Try changing the foods you eat. When your hungry your body is pretty stupid by itself. It can't tell the difference between a pound of fat free turkey breast or chunk light tuna in oil until its too late. Eat some of the fattier/protein fishes, shell fish. Milk, dairy, nuts, legumes, red meat, whole eggs, etc.

    If you eat fast you can actually over-eat, meaning your stomach can't notify your brain you're full when its full... its delayed. So when you eat, make sure you eat high-calorie foods and eat fast (just remember to keep chewing properly).

    You don't have to consume a lot of food necessarily, just high calorie food, and quickly. But don't blind-side your body... exercise the moment you feel your eating more or consuming more calories in a day. You don't want to gain 15 lbs and THEN try converting it into muscle... best to do both at the same time gradually.

    Also snack. Healthy but calorie heavy. Even if you aren't hungry its not hard to scoop down one small can of light tuna. Keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge and pop one in the mouth inbetween meals. Maybe some cheese or curdled foods (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc). Milk is great because you never have to be hungry to drink a glass. Though I'd keep myself to a few glasses of milk a day or less unless your body can really handle it. Like I said... your body really isn't that smart... it'll eat if you trick it into eating.

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    i was wounder how come there are some people that eat alot but doesn't gain weight. like me i eat alot and i can't weight fast but it take time. is there a way to gain weight in a healthy way and also gain muscle.

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    It has a lot to do with the person's activity level, their metabolism, and their genetics.

    Yes there is a healthy way to gain weight, and that is by working out. The more muscle you have, the heavier you are, lol.

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    That is why you are skinny, do not eat only if you are hungry, eat untill you are full . That is the key to gaining weight, if your not hungry in the morning eat a token bowl of cereal. Then when you get hungry around 1:30 eat untill you are full not untill you are just not hungry anymore. This is my advice.

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    ahhh i see thanks. that was a point made by surreal into tricking the body.

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    I used to have the same problem as you did. At school I was so shy and didn't want to eat at school at all. I would go the whole day without eating I remember at lunch time- my principal called my into her office and wanted to talk about my "issue" it was crazy the fact was I sort of trained my stomach and body to not be hungry. it wasn't the most healthy thing. I was this way untill I turned about 20 yrs old and I got sick of being so skinny so I started hanging out at my local gnc and working out, you know doing all of the weight gainers all of the protein you know blah blah blah. The truth of the matter is you probably do have an appitite but if you try to cram down a lot of food your body won't like that at all because that's not what it's used to. this is what I did and still do to this day start small and build your way up period. don't go by any book saying that you need X amount of calories per day or per meal do what you feel is sufficient just don't go more than 3-4 hrs with out eating something. in time your appitite will increase. even if you just do for example 16 oz of grape juice and a protein shake for a meal which will take care of some of your protein an carb intake.

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    i have the exact same problem.. i had a crazy fast metabolism... but all u have to do is eat every 3 hours about even if u arent hungry... this usually makes it to where u are never hungry.... if u work out and eat like this with a gram of protein per pound of body weight per day( like if ur 130 u need to consume 130 grams of protein per day). this has helped me to gain muscle and weight.... i was 125 and now im 145... so try that out

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    i notice most kids and day embrassment by not eatting lunch in school cause i use to have the same feeling. bringing your own lunch would help in a way.

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    I have the your weight problem with a metabolism faster than anyones.
    BUT here is what to do. Eat breakfast. snack on nuts seeds. Eat Lunch. snack on fruit or something small. Eat Dinner. Before bed have a glass of milk, hard cheese, or lunch meat.(something that easily digests).
    With every meal drink a tall glass of milk.
    And whenever your bored just eat food.
    Don't eat until your bloated just full.
    If your looking to gain weight in a hurry. Workout with HEAVY weights.

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