Hi to all

First, great site, cannot believe I have missed it for so long!

I am 48 later this year and things are getting a bit soft in the middle!! I am a young 48 and have a fairly healthy lifestyle - I was an active sportsman in my youth but bad injuries from sport and a couple of road traffic accidents curtailed that activity. I now have bad arthritic pain in both of my knees and my right wrist and elbow. I find that basic exercise with low weight high reps does help to support those joints and lessen any pain. I am 6'1" and weigh 170 lbs. I am long and lean.

I have developed a lot of pelvic pain that is from a fracture many years ago that caused a small amount of misalignment. I want to start a brand new exercise regime to help strengthen my core and generally improve my well being. I cannot do push ups or exercise that requires a grip of heavy weights because my right arm will not be able to support it.

Can you guys suggest some simple exercises to help build my core strength and just tone up. I am not looking to get big I just want to tone up and improve my general well-being. I do a lot of walking/hiking and this cardio helps keep my heart healthy and keeps my body fat down but I admit my stomach is flabby and my chest is similar. The arm injuries severely curtailed my upper body exercise.

I am sorry for such a long winded first post and just hope some of you can help.

Thanks in advance