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    How to get rid of a fat face?

    Hey guys,

    It's my first post, so go easy on me please!

    I've just turned 25 and am about 5"11. Anyway, about 3 months ago I used to weigh around 85 kg's (187 lbs), until I started eating healthily and swimming 3x/wk, etc. etc. I managed to get my weight down to 75 kg's (165 lbs), at which point I have started doing weights at the gym. I'm now about 73-74kg's, so obviously I still have some body fat to lose. I can feel the muscle piling on (only been to the gym 4 times over the past 2 wks or so), so the weight training is obviously working! As you can see, I'm quite pleased with myself

    However, after asking around, I think 73 kg's isn't overly overweight for someone of my height and build. I used to think I was slightly larger than a medium build, but people have been commenting on how "thin" I look now (as in, compared to before), and now I think I must just be of a medium build, definitely not a small build. The thing is, my stomach and face are still too big. Unfortunately, my mother has told me that I may never get rid of my puffy face (with slight double chin, which I hate!), but I just can't believe that's the case. Surely I can get rid of it?

    I've done a bit of searching in these forums and have come up with the following points:

    - Drink more water (1.5L/day sound about right?)
    - Try to consume less than 2000mg of sodium per day
    - Eat potassium (spinach/bananas)
    - Add vitamin B6 to my diet
    - Do face exercises (more detail on these please!)
    - Get enough sleep (8+ hrs)

    Is there anything else I can do? I have no idea how much sodium I consume per day, but since switching to healthy foods I never eat from any fast food places anymore (except once/wk on my "junk food" day ).

    I have trouble drinking 1.5L of water every day, unless I've been swimming or to the gym. Is there an easier way to force myself to drink this much?

    With the vitamin B6, can I just get B6 tablets and take those, or should I be targeting certain foods?

    Someone suggested doing face exercises, sort of like smiling. This may sound funny, but I already smile a lot (people tell me this) so are these exercises any different?

    And finally, the hardest point, I do get enough sleep (as in usually exactly 8 hrs/night), but unfortunately due to my line of work it's usually well after midnight until midday. My usual bedtime is around 3am. I've found that I always have dark rings under my eyes, and just above and under my eyes are puffy. How can I stop this? Is there any difference between going to bed at, say, midnight and sleeping for 8 hrs than going to bed every night at 3-4am and sleeping for 8 hrs? Assuming this bedtime is constant?

    I think I will still have to lose another 5 kg or so to get my stomach down to the proper size. It's not huge or anything, but I'm judging this off the guy who's helping me with my exercise. He's pretty much the same height and build but has been going to the gym for around 2 years, so his bodyfat percentage is very low. So should I aim for 68kg after attaining my desired muscle "look"? He currently benchpresses around 85kg and I'm doing 45kg. However, I'm already ahead of him with the leg press (115kg versus his 105kg), and that was the first time I even tried it. Obviously I'm stronger in the lower body and he's better in upper body, so does that affect my target weight?

    OK then, sorry about the length of the post, got a bit carried away! As you can see, I'm still fairly new to this weight loss/exercise thing, so I don't know the correct terminologies. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Hi KillburnDeluxe,

    take a look here:
    i hate my fat face

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    That is a lengthy post but I skimmed it pretty well and will just reply.

    You want to start facial exercises.Touch your lips together into a flat kind of surface which will drag your jaw down... do clockwise motions 250 times... then reverse to counterclockwise 250 times. Once this is done you want to shake your head vigorously.. Like your in a hard rock metal band. Let your cheeks giggle a little.. if you start feeling liteheaded.. dizzy.. soreness.. than your doing everything correctly.

    Naw I am just messin with you.. You cannot target one area to fix.. If something is wrong with one area.. you have to work all areas of your body to fix it meaning... You want a more defined face.. shrink the belly a little to stop chubb rubb. You don't have to add this, that, that, this to work. Start with a proper eating plan as this is 85% part of your success. Then since its fat you want to lose.. start on some cardio. HIIT is a great way to drop weight.. or bf %, and not lose much or ANY muscle. Set a goal for yourself.. and start on it.. as your belly shrinks.. everything is turning more define from that lack of fat that surrounds it.. your face will go down in size.. and to tell you the truth.. what I noticed most when I started this a while back.. is I notice my face was the first part that I noticed a differance in.. Good luck bro!

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    I second just aiming for overall fat loss...facial exercises are usually said to be ineffective, though some swear by them, so...if you really want to try do a websearch and you can find some instructions for doing them online. But I've read about them and most doctors say they don't work.

    Puffy eyes can be due to an allergy...that's another thing you might want to google.

    Well sorry if I'm not much help, good luck!

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    Thanks for the replies, guys. Just an update, since it's been quite a while since I posted the original question, unfortunately I've been sick for the past couple of weeks so the weightloss/gym stuff hasn't been happening as it should be, but I've gotten right back into it with even more enthusiasm and I do believe I have lost some more weight around the stomach/facial area.

    Since posting before I did some research and it seems that I definitely will be able to lose the fat face (well, out of proportion fat, not "fat" per se), so that sure is a relief to me! Mum really wasn't much help when she insisted that I'd never lose it

    I've also gotten a proper program written up for me at the gym so they'll ensure I'm doing all the weights the correct way and will let me know how much cardio to do, etc.

    Just one more question, where can I go to get someone to tell me *exactly* what to eat each day to ensure I'm using up more calories than I'm eating? I need a food program that I can stick to that I know will work. Are there dietitians or nutritionists around, sort of like doctors, where I can make an appointment and get them to figure out what foods would suit me best (as in, I tell them what I like to eat), and then they can work out a specific diet based on my activities, etc.?

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    Theres a woman on this forum by the name of sarafitchic

    I'd go to her.. as she can be very great assistance to you.

    Hi KillburnDeluxe,

    take a look here:
    i hate my fat face

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