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    Question anyone know more about winsor pilates

    im going to start a program using the winsor tape and just wanted to see of anyone else is doing them too. Something like good results and such.

    Hi Littlehideko,

    take a look here:
    why pilates is bad for you

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    I don't know much about Winsor Pilates as it just tends to be localised to America - it's not very well known in the UK or Australia (where I live now). I have, however, read the Winsor Pilates book - all Pilates styles are different but the principles remain virtually the same, I have found. One book I was very impressed with was "The Pilates Body" by Brooke Siler. She is American and she owns a studio in NY City - she trains a lot of stars! I have found her technique very similar to Michael King (who I trained through) and her book is very easy to follow and provides the reader with all the necessary background and principles. Definitely worth a read!

    Dee Bretnall
    Certified Pilates Instructor (Pilates Institute UK)

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    Winsor are my fav pilates tapes! They are very easy to follow and I've seen GREAT results.
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    ive been doing pilates for a few weeks now. ive been eating good and i lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks!! Its great and im looking forward to seeing more results

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    Winsor Pilates & Tae-Bo

    I have a ftp site where you can download a lot of aerobic exercises from :

    a. Winsor Pilates - 10 $ (basic,20 minute seen on tv,advance)
    b. Tae-Bo - 10 $ (instructional , basic ,advance , 8 minute workout)
    c. Tony little - 8 $ (1.Hips, Buttocks & Thighs -
    2.Abdominal Muscle Toning & Reduction System
    3.Total Body Shape-Up & Maintenance)
    d. Cindy Crawford - 8 $ (A new dimension 2000)
    e. Bellydance - 10 $ (Basic moves, fat burning - fitness for beginners)
    8 $ (Fitness for Weight - cardio shimmy )
    f. Bodyscult - 10 $ (Fitness Musculation)
    g. Tai-Chi - 10 $ (Tai Chi - The 24 Forms (all 5))
    h. Yoga - 5 $ (Yoga for Dummies)
    - 5 $ (ashtanga yoga the practice first series with david swenson)
    If you download 3 exercise pack (10 or 8$) the price is 20 $

    for more details :
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    I believe thereĀ“s not many "Pilates Styles"
    Just "Contrology" ... what Joe left us with .
    Theres videos , pictures and writtings of Joe that affirm that this is a well desing sequence of excercices and the order that they are done in ... MATTERS.(Progressive patterns of movement).
    Pilates is the complete coordination of body mind and spirit.
    It develops the body uniformly
    and its a corrective excersice.

    What ever came after ( tradition ) is something else !!!!

    Im sure they are not bad , and in no way this is an Offense to anybody ... Just a reminder of what the method really is about.

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    Hey there, just wanted to put my two cents in about Windsor Pilates. I started a workout group during lunch at work and we do the windsor program and everyone really likes it. We have been doing it for two weeks and we are starting to see results.
    Hope this helps!

    Hi Littlehideko,

    take a look here:
    why pilates is bad for you

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