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    Did we forget the brain???

    Commitment Works!
    Health-Education & Exercise Teaching: The Living-Giving-Health Matters

    [SIZE=5]Did We Forget The Brain???[/SIZE]

    Ask a doctor or scientist about the brain or heart and they will explain what is known for now.
    Ask a doctor or scientist about a mind or soul and they will tell you what is not known and will take further study and more research to understand…for now.

    So then is it right/proper to say for now, in regards to having “good-health” that the human-brain has a vital role in what “physically-matters”; the biological content/substance that produces and provides actual health.

    The human-brain is one of the largest and most vital organ functions of the human-body.
    Made of three divisions/sections each part of the brain has specific operations.
    The following is a brief description of each section of the human-brain.
    (Please keep-in-mind “how” each section operates when doing physical-exercise routines.)

    - The first section is called the “forebrain” which receives, perceives information and controls motor functions.
    - The second section is called the “mid-brain” which controls the auditory (sound) and visual (sight) functions.
    - The third section is called the “hindbrain” which maintains balance/equilibrium, coordination of bodily movements and the conduction of sensory information.
    (To go in-depth in reference to the total functions of the human-brain’s three sections would be best taken upon the reader if needed information or strong interest is desired.)

    The brain stores our living history as well as our health; our biography renders to our biology.
    Our memory serves us well when it comes to our past and present state of health.
    But we should realize that the human-brain-body does not live in the past – it is our mind that does.
    Our brain’s health is equally important as our mental health.
    The chemistry of the brain is the function of the brain’s health. As so with the make-up of the human-body.

    The human-brain and the body’s central nervous system (CNS) have a structural, functional fundamental working relationship that communicates closely and even intimately.
    The brain also has the same kind of “relationship” with the cardiovascular/cardio-respiratory systems.

    Whatever we induce into our body will never bypass the brain because of breathing and the constant flow of blood.
    The brain has thousands of blood vessels and to sustain its function(s) oxygen/blood is needed.
    Our blood is the carrier of oxygen rich information and messages.

    The inhaling of air/oxygen is transported into the lungs and transpires into informative-enriched blood.
    The blood then goes to the heart and throughout the entire human-body.
    The heart receives and the brain perceives and life is conceived.
    The “circle of life” is then called “circulation.”

    Thoughts, food, drinks, movements and stress never bypass the brain.
    All human-activity affects the brain’s function and its function to work right and well.
    The more the senses are healthy, alert and sensitive the sharper it can receive and perceive information and transpire its communication throughout the entire body.

    When stress is induced, we impose a form of self-discipline on a mind which implies control, resistance, suppression that relate to imposing mental forms of stress factors not realizing what this does to the brain’s “normal” function keeping the body healthy.

    When self-discipline brings about a greater/healthier output of human-energy that it is worthwhile (good-stress); it has significant meaning but when it is merely suppressing and obstructing or wasting human-energy it is very harmful, destructive and unhealthy to the life of the human-body and to a human-being’s existence.

    The health of the brain must not be ignored, neglected or forgotten during our active-awaken hours.
    The order-process is to “exercise” remembrance that the brain-mind working with the heart-soul in living life now.

    NEXT-UP: When Exercising, We Forget What “Matters.”
    It is the “tangible” physical-matter of the living-giving brain that permits an “intangible-mind” its place to stay and have its “say-so” in life.

    Hi M.J. Quiocho,

    take a look here:
    why pilates is bad for you

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    Wow, that is a detailed post. I think in simpler terms - When you exercise thoroughly and follow your program, you gain that exuberant spirit and also empowers the mind, Health is also about discipline. When a person has the will power to stay disciplined in the aspects of his life, his head gets to toughen up to.

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    HowZit Benfitting!
    Mahalo's (Thanks) for your reply.

    Discipline - Having the awareness and attention to the constant of life's education and lessons.
    There is only one kind of "discipline" and it is "Self-Discipline".

    It is out of human-health discipline is for one has greater-sense of "freeeedom".
    This does not empower the the mind, we just think it does.

    There is the process, the natural order to the "meta-physical" and it is being human first, developing compassion, expressing humanity, recognizing the action is the transformation...
    Then "spiritually" can be seen, heard, felt within us, around us, above-below us and exercised without discipline. It comes easily to us as's always fresh and new!

    Aloha for now...mikey

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    Hmm theses are really brilliant tips dude. Thanks

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    i read you all discussion, it very useful and informative, thanks for sharing

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    Yes, I also agree. This is quite informative.

    Hi M.J. Quiocho,

    take a look here:
    why pilates is bad for you

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