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    Meditation Music to raise your Vibrational (consciousness) Frequency

    some music created with the help of angelic light beings (whether you believe in them or not....i am a true believer!) such as those by Anael and Bradfield, have the ability to raise your being's vibrational frequency. That means, helps to train your psyche to operate at a level which would help you become 'more present in the moment', have a greater sense of inner calm and improve your intuition. longer term effect is that you would then be able to meditate in silence easier as your psyche's frequency has changed.

    You can download for free, 1 hour worth of music at

    Read the story there on why you can receive this wonderful gift, and how you have given a 'gift' by being aware of this....;-)

    Hi nicsan,

    take a look here:
    my tailbone hurts when i do sit ups

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