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    Can one build muscle only doing pushups, situps, pullups, and bodysquats?

    A few months ago I was doing all that exercises every day, but I only get more thin. I'm very skinny and I want to do it again, but does it really works?

    Hi el-maquina,

    take a look here:
    only pushups and pull ups

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    you need to EAT to build muscle. weight gain and weight loss is more about food intake than anything. You can't build something from nothing.

    and with only bodyweight, you'll reach a point where you've adapted too much because you can't add more stress/weight. you CAN be fit and look good nekkid on bodyweight exercises though.

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    Personally I build a lot of muscle from bodyweight workouts alone. I am thin with a muscular build. You definitely need to eat enough though. If you are looking to build bulk you will probably need to add weights into your routine, but again increase your healthy calories.

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    You gotta get on the iron to build muscle El-Maquina. Time Under Tension training (in various guises) is for most the recommended method for hypertrophy, though heavy training intermittently adds to it.

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    I preach body weight exercises as some the best exercises for you. Pushups, pullups, situps, and squats are the core of my workout and I've built a lot of muscle.

    Though, as those above have mentioned, you need to eat to increase mass, and you will eventually plateau when you master your body weight, which is why it is important to incorporate weights every now and then. You can also try more complicated body weight exercises like handstand pushups, V-ups, different grip pullups, muscleups, and other things that take you a little bit further than just the basic four.

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    Well, thanks for those useful posts. Till now I have been sweating on push-ups and pull-ups with no results. But will give another try. Thanks again.

    Hi el-maquina,

    take a look here:
    only pushups and pull ups

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