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    Question I need perfect ass exercise to do ?

    Im a male 24 i sit on the computer for several ours. My ass is kinda out of shape so my question is what exercises should i be shooting to burn fat from my ass and get it smaller ?

    I appreciate any VIDEOS from youtube to follow or any particula butt exercise to go on with .

    Thanx in advance.
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    Hi qwerty2008,

    take a look here:
    Mens Health Ultimte Dumbbell Guide

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    exercising your butt won't make you burn fat from that spot. You can't spot reduce. To lose fat you will need to get in a calorie deflict, where you expend more calories than you eat, then you will burn fat from the whole body.

    As for exercises that hits the glutes (they won't make you spot reduce fat off that area though) deep squats, lunges (pretty much any SL squat or DL variation) deadlift, etc.

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    The traditional squat exercise has always been the definitive glute blaster!

    There is no disputing that a toned butt is a happy butt, firmly spreading joy to owner and passersby alike!

    Gawking at the glutes is too cool!

    Get a butt of steel today!

    Even those who — as for example Sir Mix-a-lot In their Full-Body Routines, prefer more expansive hindquarters to diminutive derrieres, nonetheless give the nod to the packed and sculpted over the sprung and sprawling!!

    Today and every day!!!!!!!!

    Clearly heredity, age, and maternity, are all nontrivial variables on the road to buns of bouncing steel, but everyone can benefit from a reasonable rump routine.

    ROCK ON! With a solid "rump" routine!

    Other glute blasters include:

    1. Lunges

    2. Step ups

    3. Quadruped Hip Extensions

    he, he

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    Cycling/spinning does a number on your butt. Look at any cyclist or serious spinner out there, and they ALWAYS have a nice butt.

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    Thanx for the advices guys.

    If im going to buy a bicycle , for at least how many hours i should cycle ? How many times a week ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty2008 View Post
    Thanx for the advices guys.

    If im going to buy a bicycle , for at least how many hours i should cycle ? How many times a week ?
    Depends on the intensity of the ride. In order the get the benefit from cycling you will have to put in quite a bit of effort. Hills, speedwork, and distance will all have an effect on the results from your workout. Advice .... Do not buy a cheap bike if you are thiking of using it as excercise equipment. That 100 dollar bike from Walmart will do you fine for tooling about at a leisurly pace ... but try and hammer out hills or blaze along a flat and you will be frustrated.

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    Cycling doesn't target JUST the butt's a fairly compound exercise on your legs, but isolation-ist in that most of your results will come from your quads. Calves more than usual if you use clipless.

    I've ridden bikes my entire life, and at one point owned 3 different styles of mountain bikes (street, Trials and XC), 2 different styles of road bikes (road and fixed gear), and 3 different BMX bikes (race, street and flatland) AT THE SAME TIME. I can tell you after a day of even riding over bridges multiple times with many inclines along the way, you won't get quite the butt you seem to be after (the workout wise), unless you ride for HOURS a day, as in a MINIMUM of 4 if you're just road biking. That might seem like a long time, but cruising along at 15mph (more often than not, you'll be going like 10-12), that's only ~40 road biking standards, that's pretty weak.

    Nothing like old fashioned and boring lunges. Trust me, after doing 1/8th a mile of long, rear straight leg lunges...your glutes will be one fire. I've done 220 miles on a roadbike in a matter of hours many times, and I'll tell you, my butt wasn't even TOUCHING the kind of soreness and workout I gave my glutes with 1/16th-1/8th a mile of tip-toe lunges. I'm still massively sore 2 days after that workout in my glutes.

    But if you're SET on getting into cycling, do yourself a favor and get a road bike with nothing less than Shimano 105 components. Anything less than that, and you may as well be on a walmart bike, because that's about where the quality of anything below 105 sits. 105 shifts better, is lighter, stays in true/tune longer and just outright is better. Scour craigslist for some deals, eBay works, but if you want brand new is the best place. I use to work directly under the OWNER, and as much as I hate to say it, the best deals you'll ever find are on none. You'll get better prices on BRAND NEW BIKES of higher spec than some used bikes found elsewhere.

    Hi qwerty2008,

    take a look here:
    LEAN PM Night Time Fat Burner

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