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    sweat bands? (or whatever they are called)

    is there any real benefit to wearing a giant sweatband around my waist and thighs during my workout? they are rubber on the inside so they made you sweat like crazy.

    anyone know what i'm talking about? does anyone use these?

    i saw them at a store and was just wondering what you all think...

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    I thought sweat bands where supposed to keep sweat from running into your hands and eyes.

    These sound like they're supposed to make you sweat more?

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    yeah, i'm not sure what these are called are they are supposed to make you sweat more and you can get a body suit, or ones for your arms, legs or stomach.

    yeah...i guess these are opposite of a sweatband, haha...anyway, it's like a giant elastic band that is rubber on one side and...i don't know...polyester on the other side. the rubber is supposed to make you sweat and probably helps keep your muscles tight (at least your core). i'm not sure how they might benefit a workout if at all...

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    Sweating a lot only means one thing: you're losing a lot of water and you risk being dehydrated.

    Sweating really has no bearing on how hard you are working; especially if you're forcing yourself to sweat. Sweating is a natural reaction whenever your body is under a lot of stress (i.e. working out or running) so it can cool down. If you can lose fat by sweating, then all a fat guy has to do is put on a sweater in the middle of summer and boom, he's fit.

    I say keep it off. Using it will only complicate things, and on top of that, you lose water weight only. So keep the sweat bands off, and start working like a pro. Drink plenty of water, and don't worry about how much you sweat. When you don't sweat at all, pump it up to the next level.

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    I would not wear them while working out. BUT, they do help me during that time of the month to stop/help cramps. If you wear them working out, your muscles will begin to depend on them to help stabilization and you will not get the full benefit of strength training.

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