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    Thumbs up NORDICTRACK Elliptical trainers >>>>>

    For the past few years I have been using Precor EFX 546 elliptical at a gym that I go to. I know want to purchase one for my office at work. The Precor is way out of my price range approx. $3000 used. I like the incline feature of the Precor and was at a local Sears and was trying out the NordicTrack CX 1055 which also had the incline feature, and only cost $1000, so of course this caught my eye. I did a little workout for approx. 15 minutes and it seems to be very smooth and very well built, if the Precor rates a 10 in build quality, then the CX 1055 was a 8.5 - 9. My questions for NordicTrack users are:

    1. How is long term quality of these machines ??
    2. Will it be sturdy enough to be used by 4 people 5 days out of the week ?
    3. If you had a chance to do it again, would you buy Nordictrack or go with something else, if so what ??

    Thanks for everyones opinions, comments, etc. God Bless.


    take a look here:
    nordictrack vgr 910 price

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    I used the Vgr 910 (an older model) for a few years with no trouble. Also used the 990 similar to the one you tried, but a couple of hundred cheaper for awhile with no trouble. Liked it a lot. Was on the new one at Sears and thought it was very good. The NT is a great machine and I think very underrated. They are very easy to maintain, so if something should go wrong they will send you the part, and you can service it yourself once the warranty expires. I would have no probelm buying and recommending the NT.

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    Obviously since it's a new product, even an owner can't tell you yet whether it's going to last. If the older models are very similar and have proven to be durable then that's a very good indicator though not conclusive.

    Either take a chance based on the history of the older models if it's similarly constructed and designed, or for less risk, get a new or used home Precor with an adjustable incline, or find a used gym version. Only some of the home versions have the incline feature, and the incline can't vary quite as much, though i found it more than enough.
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    take a look here:
    nordictrack vgr 910 price

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