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    Precor 5.17 Elliptical Noise

    We purchased a Precor 5.17 elliptical from a family member. Although it is about nine years old, it was barely used.
    My family really likes the machine. I like the fact that it is very quiet and smooth.
    Just recently, it has started making a slight “clanking” noise when you push your left foot down on the power stroke (the right side is fine). It orginates in the back of the machine.
    I have taken a look, but cannot figure out where the noise comes from. I am not sure if the clank originates in the pivot block assembly, or on the other end of the crank arm assembly, near the pillow block. All parts seem undamaged and tight. There is no wobble or slop in the linkage.
    Does anyone have any experience with this machine that could point me in the right direction?

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    Precor 5.17 clank is driving me NUTS!

    I have exactly the same problem as bl_twisted_st. I couldn't have described it better. If you find the source of that maddening clank PLEASE post or let me know some other way!!! I promise I'll do the same. I have been searching for this clank for months. I spent a lot of time on the floor while my wife clanks, trying to pinpoint its location. To me, it does not sound like it comes from the back. It sounds like it comes from the point in the middle near where the left foot is at its lowest position, but what could possibly clank there? Still, as I move my ear to either side of that point it seems clear that the clank is there. Any ideas? I have the 10 year warranty, but (after a previous experience with him) I have little faith that a return visit from the authorized repair guy will be productive. I can usually fix this sort of thing myself, but I'm stumped (so far). The clank is driving me crazy, ruining my exercise experience, and I am obsessed with finding it. HELP!!!
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    Precor 5.17 'clanking' noise solved...

    Our ramp has been clanking on every right stroke for a few weeks....called Precor warranty folks and they sent out a technician...we discovered that a weld at the far end of the ramp (the foot end, not the front end) has broken. A new ramp has been ordered, so our 5-year old unit will be repaired in about 5 days.....all covered by the 10-year warranty.....except for the labor. That's 150 bucks. Worth every penny. Hope this helps.

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    DIY solution for clanking noise

    I recently found a solution for my clanking problem. I noticed that if I tightly grasped the ramp at the bottom I could move it side to side (with some effort), hearing a soft clank (much louder while in actual use). I removed the pivot bolts, made a rubber washer/spacer from a sheet of heavy rubber bought in the plumbing department at Lowe's, and added that to the spacer and spring washer already there. I did this on each side of the ramp (both pivot bolts). There was then no longer any left to right movement whatsoever and my unit has not clanked since. I hope this works for you, bl_twisted_st - that clank was driving me insane!

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    Another solution to a noisy Precor elliptical

    We bought a hardly used Precor 5.33 recently. It was making a creaking noise whenever the left pedal was all the way back - louder at higher speeds and more resistance. I took the covers off the rear compartment and the moving arms, joints, flywheels and belts all looked great. After some extended poking around, I discovered that the three bolts on the very bottom left side below the arms and flywheel were all very loose. After tightening the bolts with a large Allen wrench inserted in the center of the bolt head, the elliptical was whisper quiet. Easy fix and now all is well no matter the speed or resistance.

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    Glad to hear that you fixed your 5.33. To update my post above, I am happy to report that the solution for my 5.17 I described has continued to work for me. Now I think it will be a question whether the Precor wears out before I do!

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