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    Punching Bag Weight? Gloves?

    My husband wants a punching bag for his birthday. I've searched the internet for suggestions as far as the weight I should get, but can't find anything really helpful. He's 6'2", 215 lbs and athletic, but would be a beginner. Any suggestions?

    Also, can he use regular boxing gloves, or should I get him bag gloves? Are hand wraps also necessary?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi taelengirl,

    take a look here:
    do you need boxing gloves for a punching bag

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    We bought ours - a 100 lb bag for use at our fire department, which covers all levels from beginner up - Took 3 people to hang it but it was worth it - As for the gloves I think it is personal preference. We have a variety and some people prefer different ones. As for hand wraps - protect your wrists - use them. I find them helpful - I hope this helps -

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    They have a nice heavy bag with gloves, wraps, etc.
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    With his size and condition, the bag should be at least 40kg (90lbs). We use 35kg(77lb) bag at home, it is pretty much okay with me (165cm/5'6", 55kg/125lb) but when my partner (182cm /6'1", 85kg/187lbs) uses it, especially with kicks it swings about a bit too much than we would have liked.
    Another option is to get a standing one like this

    and fill the bottom with sand or water to the point it is stable enough.

    Get a good, well padded gloves AND wraps, you will be surprised how much beating your knuckles and wrist will take with this activity, and always a good idea to protect them well.

    Hi taelengirl,

    take a look here:
    do you need boxing gloves for a punching bag

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