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    Should I get a Stationary bike or Spin bike?

    My gym is too expensive and I don't like exercising outside so I decided to buy a fitness machine for my house. When I signed up for the 7 day free trial at the gym I mostly used Stationary bikes because I enjoyed using it the most and got the most effective cardio workout from it. So I know that my favorite fitness machines are exercise bikes.

    But there's two kinds of exercise bikes, Stationary bike and Spin bike. And I'm not sure which one suits me better.

    I hopped onto my local Sports Store's Spin bike for few minutes to see what it was like. And when I tried it, I felt more pressure on my lower back and bottom compared to Stationary bikes so I thought that it was not good for long session workouts. But I could be wrong since I was only on it for few minutes.

    Another thing I noticed was that there's hardly any Stationary bike ads on Youtube but Spin bike seems to be very popular. The Sports Store guy told me that the Spin bike was his favorite and thinks it's the best workout machine for cardio.

    So as you can see, I was initially going to buy Stationary bike from my local Sports Store but now I'm confused. Not to mention I can get Spin bikes for much cheaper on ebay compared to Stationary bikes.

    I just want an exercise bike that's comfortable, fun, versatile, long lasting and provides the best workout.

    So what's the main difference between Spin bike and Stationary bike? Which is better overall and which one do you think suits me better?

    P.S. I will be doing HIIT on it and I also don't own a road bike.


    Hi Heinstar,

    take a look here:
    spin bike vs exercise bike

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    Usually the main difference between a spin bike and a stationary bike is the amount of technology involved. Spin bikes normally have fewer electronics, meaning that you are in control of your own speed and resistance the whole time. However, spin bikes often have more parts of the bike that you can adjust to ensure that your body is in a good position.

    If you want to simply be able to push a few buttons and have the bike's resistance change automatically (hill or interval program), then a stationary bike might be a better option. Many stationary bikes also have the ability to measure your heart rate, which is a really good bonus as well.

    It sounds like you could probably try the spin bike again and maybe try to adjust the handles and the seat position to make it better for your back. But, if that doesn't take the pressure off of your back, then go for the stationary bike. Other factors can come into play that could cause pain in your low back, such as too much or too little resistance, poor posture, or an unstable core.

    You really just have to weigh the pros and cons to see what machine would be best for you... I personally like the spin bike better, but it's completely up to you

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    If you like bicycles and would like to have a trainer while staying inside the house or when there are no biking trips - I would strongly suggest that you get the spin bike. This is if you are seriously wanting to have a bike hobby. It is somewhat built for real bicycle enthusiasts.

    If you are planning on just plain workouts, go get the stationary bike. It worked for your before and you didn't like the initial at the spin bike. Take the one that you are most comfortable with.

    Hi Heinstar,

    take a look here:
    spin bike vs exercise bike

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