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    My low fat, low carb, low sodium diet

    I'm 57 and need a low fat, low carb, low sodium diet. Following is the diet I've been using. Am I missing anything? Does anyone have any suggested changes?


    Cheerios (1 cup)
    Fat Free Milk
    6 oz can of apple, orange or pineapple juice


    - Wonder whole wheat 100% bread (2 slices)
    - Chicken or Tuna spread made from mixture of canned chicken or tuna, fat free mayo, diced celery, onions, bell pepper.
    Handful of carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower
    One apple, orange or pear
    Diet soda (no caffeine)


    Beef or Pork (once per week), fish (twice per week), otherwise chicken or ground turkey
    No salt added canned corn, green beans or peas
    Large salad with salsa (no dressing)
    Diet soda (no caffeine)
    Fat Free Yogert

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    i'm sure others will have more useful comments but just from a glance:

    - 2 diet sodas in a day is not a good idea.. and terrible healthwise. If you need weaning off, have one every other day just till you can stick to having one once in a while instead of a regular basis.

    - swap the morning juice for some real fruit. maybe a small fruit salad even (without syrup).

    - see if you can switch your cheerios for some oatmeal.. healthier and higher in fiber, and it will keep you fuller till your next meal.

    - might wanna try half a whole wheat pita pocket for your sandwich instead of 2 pieces of ww bread. less carbs, less calories.

    This is just a quick sort of automatic response, so be sure to get your calories and nutrient requirements for the day and hopefully someone will acknowledge that in their comments and give you some helpful feedback. good luck

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