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    Best Time of Year to buy equipment?

    We've been thinking about buying some home equipment and relinquishing the gym membership. We're considering an elliptical trainer, a treadmill, and some weights. So far, we've been impressed with Horizon products in our price range, but no solid decisions yet. The weights will likely be Powerblocks. We've noticed a lot of sales and rebates, probably due to everyone's New Year's resolutions. Is this the time of year when one finds the best prices, or do these types of sales happen regularly? We're on a budget and we'd like to find the best prices we can to maximize what we do spend, and are willling to wait if necessary. I've noticed a lot of good reviews on products that are only available online, but we're really not interested in buying something sight unseen, especially for the elliptical. There seems to be such wide variation in how they feel and how comfortable they are. We would buy the weights and the treadmill, and add an elliptical later, but there is one member of our family who really enjoys the elliptical and we want everyone to enjoy working out, if possible.
    Thanks for any pointers on getting better pricing, or if you have a suggestion on brands other than Horizon (we're considering the Elite 3.3) we'd also be grateful. The elliptical we're considering is the Elite 6 model, as it's on sale and also has a $100 rebate until the end of the month.



    Hi Cj49,

    take a look here:
    best time of year to buy exercise equipment

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    Check out and Play It Again Sports.

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    I would recommend checking out and brands.

    I just ordered the sole e25 elliptical after reading a lot of good reviews of not only that model but also the reputation sole has for quality treadmills and ellipticals. Their treadmills are used for Hilton hotels for in room workouts.
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    Hi Cj49,

    take a look here:
    best time of year to buy exercise equipment

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