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    Jumping rope - good form of cardio?

    Hi everyone! My first thread here...

    I was wondering if jumping rope will burn off some fat - i used to own a stationary bike, so when i needed to burn off some fat, i would ride that, and it worked great! I got rid of it because i ran out of space. I stated to gain weight so i tried jogging for a while, but it is just too cold out. I figured i could just get a jump rope and go for it - i just wanted to know if it will really work good. I used to ride my bike 30 mins in the morning and 30 at night, and it worked like a charm - will jumping rope have the same effect?

    Thanks for your responses!

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    Yes....depending on your intensity.

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    Yes jump rope is a good form of cardio. Jump roping worked for me I use to be able to see my abs really good like 6 pack. But i dont jump rope no more bye abs -_-

    before i would try to jump rope till 1000 going by hundreds and resting a little in between every hundred.

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    yes.. the point of cardio exercise is to get your heart rate up and pumping.... it doesn't know what activity you're doing only that it is working harder.

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